Discover, Define + Design Your Personal Brand

Fact: People are more likely to encounter you online than in person. And most interactions you have will only ever be digital.

But the internet is a saturated space—to be spotted in the crowd, you have to jump; to be heard, you have to be useful; and to be remembered, you have to be attractive.

In 2020, one in two people will be working as a freelancer, and the other half will be vetted according to their online personal brand presence. Considering that 50% of consumers pass on interacting with brands who have bad aesthetics, and that over 50% of employers pass on applications from people who lack an online presence, the value of good personal branding is immeasurable.

Branding is no longer just for bloggers, businesses, and freelancers—it’s for anyone who wants to be successful in the modern age. But designing a brand can be an arduous process—good thing I’ve broken it down into a simple, holistic process. Ready to get started?

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