Work, Worth and Wellness

Wow. What an eye-opening month it has been.

Ever since I shared that I was quitting Save My Reno, I’ve been bombarded with realizations about work, worth and wellness—themes that seem to have punctuated my adulthood.

On the other side of listening to and acting on my instincts was not what I was expecting. I knew I had to empty my hands before I could open myself up to receive anything else, but I underestimated the weight of what I was actually meant to let go of, and the significance of what was around the corner waiting for me. It wasn’t just a title or a job I needed to shed, and it wasn’t just clarity on my future title and job that I needed to receive. The decision to quit my job sparked a huge shift for me, and in the last few weeks, I’ve come face-to-face with “all of my shit”, for lack of a better term.

It’s been a wild, eye-opening and necessary journey, and I’ve completely reprogrammed my relationship with work and self. I feel renewed and awake (for lack of a better term), and I’m honestly a little overwhelmed with where to even begin sharing it all! But what I do know is that it all starts with listening to my intuition, and what it’s telling me to do right now is talk about it, explore it more with all of you, and *hopefully* help anyone out there experiencing similar challenges with work, worth, wellness and self-improvement.

To anyone out there working though career or identity woes, to anyone who might feel confused or lost about what they should do with their lives, to anyone who feels stuck or depleted or burnt out in the role they’re in, I’d love to chat and create a space to talk about this stuff!

Please please please reach out with comments on Instagram, an email, whatever—and to leave you guys off with something to chew on, here’s some of the topics I’m passionate about diving into, and the lessons that have proven most important for me lately:

External validation will only let you down. You already know what you want and need to hear. Self-validation is legit.

Your own system will work better for you than anyone else’s.

You already know exactly what you should do because it’s what you FEEL like doing. Never ever discount your instincts.

Take care of and spend time in your body. Listen to what it’s telling you, and perform all the rituals and activities that make you feel good about your physical being.

Alignment over hustle. Every damn time.

Never feel dumb or embarrassed for your emotions. They are powerful and necessary and not a sign of weakness. They can show us a lot if we lean into them. Just remember, “feelings are facts, but only to those experiencing them”.

Your worth is not your work.

How your life goes is exactly up to you. You have the power to use every situation to either grow or shrink.

Find out how you function best and try to operate that way as much as possible, especially in times of stress or heavy workload.

You can be a worker bee one day, lazy the next, and go on a wild adventure the day after. These are all sides of you you need to indulge to be happy.

Fill yourself up first (however that looks for you) and only give from your overflow. If you’re not full and you’re giving stuff away, you’re out of alignment.

Build those up around you so that their actions then support you in your dreams.

We are programmed to reject what makes us feel good and operate in a compromising state. Don’t do that!

Fear is the mind killer. It destroys everything about who you are. Don’t let it win.

The answer is not to be found out there, it already exists in you. There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path.

x, S

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