@WitandDelight’s Coral Living Room, Ranch Dip, Your New Fave Typeface, a Photo that Will Make You Crave the Wilderness, a Superb Brand Mark + more

Hello and welcome to mid-May! (When did that happen?!) We’ve been busy working on Piper’s Peak, and outside of that, I’m keeping my creative muscles working to develop an ebook/system for people who want to discover, define and design their own brand. Between the two (home and career) I’ve had my hands full, but that never stops me from seeking and surrounding myself with inspiration and pretty things. So without further ado, here’s a huge dump of my links + likes as of late!

↳ Feature Image: @witanddelight always makes me want to throw colour on my walls! Her home projects are so amazing to watch…

↳ A quick design and blog post inspired by a blip in time at a bar, by @simon_letters

@Sansarc.Studio is just so good. I adore the arches and curves.

↳ Guaranteed to make any raw vegetable taste good, this Ranch Dip is made of pistachios, nutritional yeast, and salt, ground to cling easily to raw cut veg—and it lasts for weeks!

These sunglasses are so damn classic. I just bought a pair and LOVE them!

↳ Love this brand mark by @jamescoffmandesign for @tenthousand.cc.

↳ Rt. Rainer (in Washington), in all its beauty. Photo by @alberthbyang

↳ I absolutely love a good animated illustration. This one’s just so rich and fun.

↳ The sculpting bodysuit everyone loves.

↳ I WANT TO BATHE HERE. @mydomaine posted this to Instagram, and I’m obsessed.

↳ Hey designers, MC Bungalow is the typeface you will binge next.

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