Week in Review: How Freelancing Has More Job Security than a 9-5, a Personal Essay, Desktop Wallpapers + More

1. I Quit My Job Today, And So Can You. Really enjoyed this article and found myself nodding along with my experience of quitting my job, tears and shame and all, only leading to happiness.

2. What To Do When The House of Your Dreams Doesn’t Become Yours. I shared a personal essay this week on Design*Sponge about our recent experience losing a house. I exercised my inner English education and mustered a very cathartic piece.

3. In losing that house, I was determined to make our house work, so I quoted out adding an addition to our home inspired by these 5 unexpected additions on Dwell. In hindsight, it’s laughable and the price tag was laughable, but this is how crazy I am.

4. New downloadable desktop wallpapers from DESIGNLOVEFEST.

5. A great (and very true) perspective on freelancing and job-security.

6. Y’all seemed to resonate a lot with this Instagram post, which got me re-evaluating this blog to become more of what I originally intended; a blog for freelancers, aspiring business-owners, entrepreneurs, maker and creators. So over the next while, expect a few changes for the better to help you with your hustle!

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