Week in Review: Behance, New VSCO Presets, How To Self-Promote Without Being Annoying + More

1. Are you on Behance? When I first graduated, I used Behance all the time to explore creative work and publish my own portfolio, and it let to a lot of work for me! But I seem to have neglected it lately, so I’m trying to up my Behance game again and just uploaded my Emoji set for Mozilla.

2. VSCO asked me to test-run their soon-to-be-launched filter presets, The Alchemy Collection, so I put together a post showcasing the entire collection with before and afters.

3. How to self promote without being too annoying.

4. I got to email back and forth with Colin and Justin (and had a super-fan-girl-moment!) to chat and feature their recently renovated cabin in Northern Ontario on Design*Sponge. It is all kinds of awesome, and on tape–catch Cabin Pressure on Cottage Life TV.

5. Loved this blog post by Jenny Purr on the concept of slow blogging, and quality over quantity when it comes to your blog’s content.

6. Need new music? Jam out to my weekly playlists. This week’s featured Tei Shi, some piano awesomeness from riDNA Exposure project, hip hop from Loyle Carner, weirdness from Ben Khan, and The Landing finishes it off with possible the funnest track of the week.

And now, my favorite photos from the #HandsAndHustle and #HAHToolsOfTheTrade Instagram feed of the last week.

7. Whoa! Loving these hat-making molds shot by @tiiamariahats

8. I may be biased as a Canadian (and illustrator), but I can’t get enough of this lettering. (Photo by @kateworum of @dustysigns work

9.Organic cotton and natural wood is a heavenly combination. Photo by @territorydesign.

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