Turning 30, a Must-Watch Amazon Series, Books I’m Reading, & Typographic House Numbers

Hello winter! Here in Whistler, we’ve already experienced a full week of snow on the boots, salt on the deck, and firewood crackling in the wood stove.

Sooooo December is 14 days away, which means I turn 30 in two weeks. Wild stuff! This felt so far away in my mid twenties, and now here we are. And it feels really good to be honest! The older I get, the more chill I get about being myself, which has been a struggle of mine foreverrrrrrr.

I typically bend and sway and please, sometimes to simply avoid the work of explaining myself, and that’s not a healthy way to live life. §

Date: November 16th 2020 / Current Moon Phase: New ●

⊳ We finally chose our cabinet colour and got house numbers (shown above)! The numbers are these Light Aluminum ones from CASSON. We installed them and they look amazing on our exterior. Check it out on my Instagram. As for the cabinet colour, we went with Vineland by Benjamin Moore.

We binged a new series on Amazon Prime’s Starz, Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult.. The four-part docuseries follows the story of India Oxenberg’s journey through the dark and criminal world of the notorious self-help-group-turned-sex-slave-cult NXIVM.

We also added a new movie to our top five: Knives Out. A fantastically funny and witty murder mystery starring Ana De Armas, Christopher Plummer, Toni Colette and Daniel Craig.

I picked up a few great books lately, and while I have yet to finish them all, I’m halfway through two. For this curious on my selections, they are Nature, Man and Woman by Alan Watts, The Conscious Creative: Practical Ethics for Purposeful Work by Kelly Small and Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook by Ram Das.

We got a Kitchenaid Mixer!!! My gosh we got a frickin’ Kitchenaid Mixer in Black Onyx from Crate and Barrel and it’s so divine. We have yet to use it, but when we do, you’ll know about it. I’m eyeing the food processor attachment right now…

And in closing, my favourite visuals, art, products, etc. from the month. Click through for all sources.

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