Subin Yang

Tiger King, Illustrations by Subin Yang, Novy Proster, Salted Tahini Chocolate Cookies + The Perfect Rustic Kitchen

If you’ve been home and on Netflix, you’ve likely seen previews for Tiger King. Everyone’s talking about it right now, and so am I. The seven-part true-crime series follows Joe Exotic, an eccentric and likeable yet nutty zookeeper / big cat breeder, and his outspoken disdain for animal-rights activist Carole Baskin. It’s a crazy spun-out tale that brings baby tigers, hilarious low-budget music videos, and murder-for-hire together in a way that’s entertaining, comical and nail-biting. So make a batch of salted tahini chocolate chip cookies (below) and hit the couch for a binge session of links + likes!

These salted tahini chocolate chip cookies look divine.

Striking the right balance of rustic and new is tough, especially in a space where you’re combining not just materials, but furniture among millwork. This kitchen by @TaylorandTaylor__ did it right.

Perfect for post-cookies, these Varley leggings at super cute [Abercrombie]

The dog’s expressions illustrated by Novy Prostor make me smile / chuckle.

For this week in hygge, I give you a concrete sand incense bowl.

This hand-cut rug from Artist Becky Blair is so pretty.

THESE FLOORS [@estliving]

This Rashad Armchair has the nicest lines–and is on sale at Wayfair!

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