Things I Like: Artifact Uprising’s New Layflat Photo Album

I — like many — take a ton of photos. And most never see the light of day, let alone get printed and bound into a book.

It was about time I actually printed my photos, and what better theme to focus on than my first (fur) baby, Piper. I’ve been an arms-reach fan of Artifact Uprising for a while now, meaning I’ve never used their services, but love what they’re all about: “inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible”. So I got myself one of their shiny, new Layflat Photo Albums, and I am one happy and impressed camper.

Drawing on time-honored binding techniques, this album features ultra-thick pages that lay flat when open. Designed to inspire awe from cover-to-cover, the Layflat Photo Album is distinguished for its seamless panoramic spreads, premium quality papers and foil-stamped covers.

I chose the pink cover and gold foil stamping for titles and it’s stunning! The photo and paper quality is outstanding, and the book came in the nicest “open me!” packaging (a la Apple products), but you don’t have to take my word for it, have a look for yourself below.

ssmelko_AU-1 ssmelko_AU-32 ssmelko_AU-31 ssmelko_AU-30 ssmelko_AU-29 ssmelko_AU-28 ssmelko_AU-27 ssmelko_AU-26 ssmelko_AU-24 ssmelko_AU-23 ssmelko_AU-22 ssmelko_AU-21 ssmelko_AU-20 ssmelko_AU-19 ssmelko_AU-18 ssmelko_AU-17 ssmelko_AU-16 ssmelko_AU-15 ssmelko_AU-14 ssmelko_AU-13 ssmelko_AU-12 ssmelko_AU-11 ssmelko_AU-10 ssmelko_AU-9 ssmelko_AU-8 ssmelko_AU-7 ssmelko_AU-6 ssmelko_AU-5 ssmelko_AU-4 ssmelko_AU-3 ssmelko_AU-2

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  • Oh, awesome! I love AI, but haven’t seen this available yet. I’ll have to give it a try, especially come holiday season.

  • Heather

    Beautiful! I love it.

  • I LOVE Artifact Uprising, their products are so beautifully handcrafted. I haven’t ordered one of these books from them yet but it’s on my list!

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