Tackling the Elements with Our New Dyson V11 Absolute Vacuum

Living in Squamish has changed a lot. And while we claim to be “living our best lives”, it’s really Piper whose life is a fairy tale. Every morning she gets to run along the beach and swim in the river. And on evenings and weekends, she joins us mountain biking or camping. And these adventures follow us home—both figuratively and literally.

Sand, dirt, moss, dust—you name it, it’s on our floors. On the daily, the outdoors makes its way into our home, and the only thing we use that actually works to keep things under control and clean is our new Dyson V11 Absolute cord-free vacuum.

With carpets on the second floor, engineered hardwood on the main floor, and plenty of rugs, the vacuum adjust suction power automatically to give you the deepest clean without snagging or pulling, all the while displaying the machine’s performance and run time on an LCD screen. Despite its power (with 20% more suction) and features like its filter which captures 99.97% of particles, it’s super quiet.

Before this vacuum we had another cordless number, but it constantly jammed up with Piper’s fur and carpet fibres. We’d spend just as much time cutting string out of the turbine as we did actually vacuuming! With the new Dyson, not only do we save time, but I tend to grab it more often for quick clean because it’s so light and easy to use.

I’m normally not one for extras, but the attachments that came with the Dyson are genuinely helpful and good at what they claim to do. The upholstery attachment is amazing!

Our adventures won’t be stopping anytime soon—we’ll continue kicking up dirt and trailing it inside for years to come—and our Dyson is quickly becoming our favourite tool for keeping our home a happy, tidy place to return to!

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