Styling My Shelf The Neutral, Minimal Way

I recently re-arranged the furniture in my living room (again, I know, I know) to accommodate our upcoming kitchen renovation, and I love it.

My couch and TV placement has seen three different layouts now (see these posts for old layouts), and I’ve settled on this new layout which makes the room more cozy, intimate and feel like a separated space, even though it’s open to the kitchen and dining area.

But this layout called for a better TV stand that could also act as storage, so I went on an internet hunt and was pleased to score this IKEA TV and shelving unit from Kijiji for $100 (which I bought baskets for), along with some nifty brass unicorn book ends for $12.

It took a few hours for me to decide which way to style my shelf — neutral and minimal or bold and colourful — and I settled on the former. For a full rundown of both styles, shelf styling tips and tricks, and how I accomplished them, visit Hello Yellow!

Enjoy and happy shelf styling!







  1. Love your tv stand! We are in the market for one and frankly, I didn’t even think about kijiji. I’ll have to try that out. Also, your direct link to Hello Yellow is broken 🙁 Just thought I would give you a heads up!

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