Escaping to Sir Cedric’s Treehouse

When we first arrived at Sir Cedric’s Treehouse, we were greeted by a gaggle of large geese, a handful of horses, and a large flag that read, “WORLD PEACE”, which perfectly set the stage for the interesting and memorable weekend to follow.

As we unloaded the truck and paused to stretch our legs, a big grin beneath a felt, brimmed hat approached us. Tucking his handkerchief into his plaid flannel over shirt, Scott (Airbnb owner and the builder of Sir Cedric’s Treehouse) shared a brief welcome before encouraging us to explore.

The first thing we noticed about the unique property—aside from the treehouse itself—was the collection of random objects hanging from branches, poised on stumps and carefully scattered between the entry path, outhouse and treehouse: a brass trumpet, fake owl, colourful flags, a gong, and a stack of hand-cut palettes.

It was already clear that the experience was going to be anything but conventional. 

Behind a pair of heavy wood doors with iron latches, we entered into the warm wood glow of the treehouse to discover the treehouses namesake, Sir Cedric, in all his glory. A giant red cedar tree circled by a living area, kitchen and bedroom. 

Built without drilling into the tree with a single tack or screw, Scott and his son designed the interior using found items, collected treasures and a few surprise easter eggs for those who looks close enough.

Between the window frame and a wall panel, you’ll spot illustrated clippings from a 1920s risqué magazine, and a glance overhead resting on beams, you’ll spot a tiny owl figurine peeking at you. Even the door latch had a tale, made by a friend of Scott’s to resemble the snakes he’d catch and toy with as a kid.

On top of the typical coffee, tea, sugar and oil provided by most accommodations, Scott left us some eggs, butter, cheese, ingredients to make s’mores, garlic and onion, two slices of cheesecake, fresh flowers and a welcome note.

After exploring and settling in, we craved a home cooked meal over the bonfire, so we we up and left to downtown Ferndale (just northeast of Bellingham) to get some groceries and supplies. We left the supermarket with steak, corn, romaine, beer and—a favourite of mine anytime I visit the US—Chex Mix. 

There’s just nothing like the flavour you get from cooking outdoors over a fire. And whether it was the cozy cabin feel, the satisfying meal in our bellies, or the day of travel to blame, we were asleep by 9pm.

The next morning, we enjoyed a blueberry pancake breakfast and pour-over coffees before heading outdoors to bike Galbraith with demo Transition bikes (I test rode the Scott and Mike tried the Patrol). 

We made Mr. Noodles on top of the mountain using our pocket rocket stove, admired the views and got one hell of a workout. We didn’t enjoy the mountain quite as much as Squamish’s (we’re less trail bikers, more enduro or DH), but it was super fun and a cool to experience nonetheless!

After biking, we enjoyed some drinks and grub at Boundary Bay before heading back to our treehouse for some R&R.

After resting up, we hopped in the outdoor shower and enjoyed sunset beneath a cascade of hot water from between two trees. Scott provided bath robes, soap and shampoo, and plenty of hot, dry towels courtesy of the “Dry Zone” solar heater (pictured below, this thing was awesome)!

We spent the night on the back deck listening to an owl howl, and inside at the dining table playing our own version of Mexican Train Dominoes over all of the Chex.

It was probably the coolest weekend getaway I’d ever been on.

From the card and note to the surprise doorstop delivery of your homemade pickles, we thank you Scott! You were such an interesting and gracious host, and we cannot wait to book again this summer when the property is in full bloom and dive even deeper into the tales behind this place!

Folks, if you ever find yourself in Washington State, you’ve got to check out Sir Cedric’s Treehouse on Airbnb and enjoy this unique property before it’s forever booked!

x, S

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