Reflecting on Year One in Squamish

It’s been 365 days since Mike, Piper and I drove across the country from Milton to Squamish, alternating driving shifts as we crossed Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Alberta before landing in British Columbia.

Each night along the way, we’d wheel the houseplants we crammed in the back of the truck into our hotel room using the luggage trollies. We’d reminisce on the day while we walked a new town’s streets each night, and either ate whatever looked local and yummy or call in a hefty order of room service.

As as we drove into Squamish, I remember the rainbow that appeared in the sky over town. I remember our first meal—pork porcini pasta—and I remember sharing it with a bottle of red while sitting on bean bags, the only furniture in our otherwise empty house while Piper ran around us.

Since then, all kinds of things have changed for me, shifting toward what I really want out of this thing we call life. I’ve learned tons of new skills and have experienced things that have expanded my world. I’ve grown in ways I didn’t know I had to, tried things I’ve always wanted to, and some things I never even knew I’d like to try.

I’ve learned all kinds of auto and mechanical skills (totally new to me!), I’ve jumped little kickers on my mountain bike, I’ve talked to bears and eagles and seals, I’ve started teaching yoga, I’ve eaten more lobster and seafood than in my whole life combined, I’ve learned about the tides and currents, I’ve gone on daily walks in nature, I’ve made new friends, I’ve become more comfortable with myself and sharing that with the world, and I’ve found my pace and my peace.

Slowly over the course of the last year, the bits of me that didn’t belong began to slough off, and the areas of my life that feel easy and natural continue to grow.

It took a year to truly find my groove (or my whole life if you really wanna get meta) and I’m grateful for every little breakdown, every aha moment, every risk I took that paid off, and every time I followed my heart, even when it was hard as nails to do so. I can’t credit moving to Squamish for everything, but moving out here has somehow brought me back to myself in ways I didn’t know I had strayed, and I can’t wait to see what year two brings.

So as we celebrated the close of year one, we drove Jude (our adventure mobile Jeep) into the backcountry to spend our one-year Squamiversary relaxing by a bonfire and throwing sticks for Piper on top of a mountain while we watched the sun set and rise over home. Enjoy some snaps from the weekend below.

♡ ss

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