Discover, Define and Design Your Personal Brand


People are more likely to encounter you online than in person, and most interactions you have will only ever be digital.

Considering that 50% of consumers pass on interacting with brands who have bad aesthetics, and that 50% of employers pass on applications from people who lack an online presence, the value of good branding is immeasurable.

Whether you’re a freelancer or you work in the corporate world, establishing a personal brand is no longer optional if you want to be successful in the modern age—and the good news is that everybody has a valuable brand within them! 

This guide is proven to help you discover, define and design your brand, all by yourself.

Complete with a brand workbook, industry insights and research, design lessons and resources, and self-development tools, you’ll embark on a brand discovery journey that will leave you with a solid, authentic brand you can confidently use.





Hey there, I’m Sabrina, and I’ve been designing brands, collaborating with brands, or running my own brands for over a decade.

With my BAA in Illustration and experience working creative roles in fields spanning tech, advertising, publishing and as an HGTV Host, I’ve explored what it takes to design a successful brand from every angle. And I’m ready to share with you what I’ve discovered over the last 10 years! This guide includes actionable industry insights, essays from my experience, a crash course in identity and digital design, and countless tips, tricks and how-to’s for establishing everything from your brand’s strategy, values, offerings and tone of voice, to your brand identity, website, social presence and more. Have a question pre-purchase? Shoot me an email!