Our Simple Squamish Guest Room

A few years ago, a big, empty white room would’ve been a tempting invitation to decorate. But our guest bedroom (which fits the bill), didn’t ignite that same feverish desire in me to fill it with stuff.

Within the first week of moving into our new space, Piper claimed the room as her own and we worked around her as we placed in the essentials—a dresser, nightstand, and bed frame—and stocked the closet with empty hangers and a stack of clean, folded bed linens. But the urge to heavily decorate didn’t strike. Other than hanging art above the bed (a vintage History of Dogs plaque) and awaiting friends and family to enjoy it, the only additional items that felt necessary were good pillows and a mattress.

In our own bedroom we enjoy Tempur-Pedic’s ProAdapt™ queen mattress, and we love it so much that we decided to give our guests (and, well, Piper) the same luxury. When I’m away from home, it’s third on my list of things I miss most.

Pillow-wise, we stocked the guest room with two different sets so guests can choose whichever they prefer: we got two Tempur-Adapt + Cooling Back & Stomach Sleeper pillows and two Tempur-Align ProLo pillows. (I actually tried sleeping on the back/stomach pillow one night months ago and I haven’t slept a night without it since, so to any visitors reading out there, sorry but you’re one pillow down!

Complete with a simple table lamp, window blinds, a plant and the wifi password, the guest room is quietly simple, filled with only the essentials. And while we can’t wait for more friends and family to visit, something tells me Piper will be reluctant to share her space.

[Tempur-Pedic is available at Leon’s and remains one of my favourite products! Try one out for yourself in-store and find out why I think of it as a necessity in my home.]

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