Our Bathroom Design Plans + Progress (+ Sources)!

I could not be more excited to start seeing the design of Piper’s Peak come to life! And what better place to start sharing our design vision than in the first space to see completion: our main bathroom.

More than even a kitchen, having a working bathroom by the time we move in was a must for us both. No matter what the bedroom or basement looks like, if we can close our bathroom door and enjoy a hot shower and scrub up, we’re pretty happy. Outside of that, we plan to immediately install a temporary kitchen in the new kitchen’s place (so we can prepare meals and enjoy coffee like normal), but I digress…

Our main bathroom hasn’t changed locations from its original resting place, but we did make a few changes to the build of it: we expanded it 2 feet by stealing space from what used to be a closet; we moved the location of the door; we installed a much larger window; and we installed in-floor heating. These changes alone have impacted the design of the space greatly, and we have yet to even add anything back to the room! This was how it looked back in March when we bought it.

On the design side of things, we started with what we knew we wanted: Delta Faucet‘s matte black fixtures, a matte stone shower pan and sink from Wetstyle, and the prettiest natural quartzite tile you ever did see.

We’re working with a fairly black and white colour palette, and using very natural, rough or matte finishes because I want the room to feel like a cave of regeneration. Like a natural hot spring in the woods someone created walls around! In-floor heating will help with that fantasy—a luxury I have never had and cant wait to enjoy!

With a pine ceiling, sparkly tile (and possibly even sparkly grout!), and textured natural lime wash walls, the room will regenerate its own hues and shadows as the day passes, and in addition to a black ceiling and wood vanity, that’s just about enough drama for me in this space!

Our quartzite floor and WetStyle shower pan

As for our wood vanity, we’re imaging something light—like pine or fir. No hardware, all finger pulls. A pill-shaped mirror, black or brass lights (I can’t decide!). Here’s a rendering I made of the space:

So with the big three accounted for—being tile, fixtures and a shower pan—it’s onto the next round of installs and decisions for things like: the vanity design (painted white, or soft sage, or go wood?!); fixing the faded pine patches; choosing grout colours; and finding a towel bar and towels. Any thoughts?! I’ll continue sharing as we go, and I hope you continue watching over on my Instagram.

And if you’re curious about the products we’re using in our bathroom, here’s a little source list.

♥ Ta-ta for now!


Shower Kit — Delta Faucet — Pivotal Shower Kit

Vanity Faucet— Delta Faucet — Trinsic Single-Handle Bathroom Wall Faucet

Shower Pan — Wetstyle — Feel Collection

Sink — Wetstyle — OVE Collection in Matte White

Walls — Portola Paint Lime Wash — Solaris

Mirror — Wayfair

Vanity Light — Etsy

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