October Woes, a Stuffy Nose, but The Coffee Flows

Last month, I blogged about my first experience using Caffeine Rebel‘s coffee subscription service, and this month, I was met again with three aromatic bags of the good stuff at my doorstep — this time, from Ceremony Coffee Roasters.


And I have to tell you, it couldn’t have come at a better time…

You may or may not have noticed my lack of posts over the past month, and that’s because a) I’ve been gearing up for and undergoing a kitchen renovation, which I’m tackling all by myself (follow along with the hashtag #HelloProKitchenReno), and b) because I’ve been busy planning and re-evaluating my own personal website and life! All of this on top of raising a puppy, teaching, blogging for Design*Sponge and Leon’s, and juggling my own freelance design and illustration jobs.

Right now, the only usable and functional space in our home other than our basement is my office, so it’s been where I’ve been living, eating and spending most of my time. So getting coffee in the mail was exactly what the doctor ordered, especially given the fact that I haven’t even had a day to run errands and get groceries — it’s been take-out and Thanksgiving leftovers over here! My desk may be crammed and stacked with items, but one can always make room for coffee.


So onto the java sippin’! Hailing from Maryland, I received three bean blends from Ceremony Coffee Roasters. I have yet to try the Destroyer Espresso, but so far, Thesis, their house-blend is oh-so divine with cookie-like flavors of caramel, vanilla and dates. This morning I tried the Mexico Santa Teresa, a toasted-almond tasting blend with hints of granola and lemon meringue. I also dig well-designed packaging, so points are also given for their wonderful, black simplistic line drawings.

CR-Oct-5 CR-Oct-15


If you’ve been toying with committing to a coffee subscription service, fear not. Caffeine Rebel has no terms, no commitments and offers free UPS shipping, so why not? It makes a great gift too. The best part is that Caffeine Rebel is offering new subscribers 50% off of there first month. Enter coupon code “any50” – courtesy of the YippeeCoupons.com promo codes team – on the site when you subscribe for any package.


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