My New Job as Illustrator, Old Whistler, Custom Kitchens Combos, Coconut Chicken Thighs, Healthy PB Cups + More

Distressed Unrest

We’ve had an incredible summer filled with hard work on the homestead and hot sunny days at the lake.

We’ve been spending most of our time at home here in Whistler, and have taken up new hobbies and interests (rockhounding and discovering more about our local community and wilderness). Summer has been good to us, and renovations continue as we enter fall.

After experiencing a hot, dry summer of deck building and then enjoying (did you catch me on Cityline showcasing the build?), rain is now on the horizon and we desperately need it: smoke from the wildfires along the USA’s west coast has reached us, and our newly planted cedars could use a drink. And this past weekend, we officially put away our summer shorts and pulled out our winter sweaters.

In short, this quarter has been amazing, and I’m entering September with lots of inspiration under my belt, and excitement for a new chapter of my career!

Two weeks ago I was contacted by an old colleague of mine who had me in mind for a new role. I just happened to put it out there on social media that I was available for creative work, and it was serendipitous! So just yesterday I accepted the position of Illustrator at McAfee where my role is to draw people—to dream up, establish, fine-tune, and create a library of visual assets representing very human things. Between my love for the human form and yoga, my education in Illustration, and my experience working in tech, UI, marketing and design, I’m excited to make a creative impact and humanize a global security brand I associate with a red shield. Sinking my teeth into a larger, longer project answering the question, “how do we represent and illustrate humanity?” with creative collaborators where I’ll enjoy flexibility and ownership of a creative world is always a dream, so this role and project could not have been a better fit for me right now.

What else?

  • I published this month’s playlist and it’s a chill, low-key one you’ll guarantee to love.
  • Our Cabico kitchen arrives late November, just before my birthday. So that’s exciting
  • I was recently on Cityline where I chatted with Tracey about our renovations, specifically our deck and siding projects
  • We discovered the coolest blog, Whistorical, that shares weekly vintage photos of Whistler from its museum archives
  • I’m planning some fun food and recipe content for the Holidays with Crate and Barrel
  • I published some new work: branding for Kristen Sanger
  • We’re finally vinyl people after buying this record player on Amazon

And without further ado with the life update done, enjoy my September brain and purchases on display:

✿ Sabrina

“A peaceful moment for two best friends crossing the fresh powder of Sproat Mountain” – Whistler Museum Archives
Sailors Hill House
Pepi de Boissieu
Jenny O’Connor
Healthy PB Cups
mlH Design
‘It’s All Good’ Pullover
The heavens, an illustrated handbook of popular astronomy. 1867.

September Shopping Finds

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