My Home Tour on Design*Sponge

A few weeks ago, Grace, my Editor in Cheif at Design*Sponge asked the entire D*S team to open up their homes and show them off on the site.

I was hesitant at first, as up until recently, I’ve been considering moving and have been house-hunting for nearly 6 months. It’s been an un-enjoyable process to say the least, which seems wrong (shouldn’t that be fun?) and after coming home after many open houses to our small but humble bungalow, I’ve kind of re-fallen in love with our current space.

Sure, my home needs updating, but we have a massive backyard, live on a quiet street close to my family, and get a ton of natural light through massive windows, and lately I’ve come to appreciate these things that I once took for granted. However, in order to stay and make it work, the entire layout would have to be re-thought and since we’ve been getting cold feet about moving, we’ve decided to put some energy into planning renovations which would entail ripping out the kitchen and expanding it, taking down a bunch of walls, and moving our offices into the basement to gain more living, dining and kitchen space above. It’s going to be a big, messy, insane job, but that’s how I tend to do everything in life, and keep waking up excited about the prospect of starting from scratch in this home.

This week, we’ve booked a bunch of windows to be replaced and had a consultation with Karry Kitchens to see our options. (Oh, I’ve also applied to nearly every open casting call for home reno TV shows with the longest emails complete with illustrated drawings because I’m that person. No judging). I’m kind of thrilled to say the least and a bit relieved of the stress of house-hunting. So today, it was somewhat appropriate that my house tour went live on Design*Sponge. Though it may change soon, the post and photos will act as a sort-of time capsule of our current life, and I’m sure I’ll look back and smile one day at them.

So have a gander at my FULL HOME TOUR ON D*S, and check out the “outtakes” and extra photos of my space below.

SabrinaSmelko-tv SabrinaSmelko-living SabrinaSmelko-living8 SabrinaSmelko-entry2 SabrinaSmelko-kitchen1 SabrinaSmelko-living6 SabrinaSmelko-entry1 SabrinaSmelko-kitchen4 SabrinaSmelko-tv1 SabrinaSmelko-kitchen6 SabrinaSmelko-kitchen5 SabrinaSmelko-kitchen2 SabrinaSmelko-living7 SabrinaSmelko-living0 SabrinaSmelkoHome-11 SabrinaSmelko-living5 SabrinaSmelko-living2 SabrinaSmelko-living4 SabrinaSmelko-tv4 SabrinaSmelko-tv3 SabrinaSmelko-tv2 SabrinaSmelko-living3 SabrinaSmelko-living1 SabrinaSmelko-kitchen

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