Master [Bedroom] of the West Coast

To me, west coast style feels unconcerned.

It seems to be about function first, individuality second, and aesthetics inspired by the surroundings. It’s beautiful without trying to be.

It definitely took some time to figure out the space, and the style of the places out here! We’re still moving things around and seeing how our style fits in (or doesn’t), but since we moved in two months ago, our master bedroom finally feels complete.

As one of the first spaces to be designed in the new home, our bedroom had big shoes to fill to capture the coastal MO, as well as our tastes.

To begin with, the space was nothing but white walls, neutral waffle-weave carpeting, and big windows with a gorgeous view of the Tantalus Range! From the get-go, the goal was to highlight the mountains views, not compete with them, so everything that went into the room needed to feel inspired by nature, or neutral enough to take a backseat and allow the view outdoors to be the ‘art’ in the room.

The name of the game for us was calming, airy and organic, and the real jumping-off point for the design was this animal-print headboard (US link). (I also loved this animal print headboard, this spotted number, and this tartan headboard.) As pattern and colour were introduced, the room began to come alive.

This brown hide rug (US link) became the next large piece of the puzzle, introducing some warmth. After that, some blue, brown and neutral decor and accents were added along with brushed nickel sconces to match the nailhead trim detail of the headboard. these brushed sconces (US link).

The main window is not only massive (yes, black-out blinds were installed immediately), but offers a big ledge, so in lieu of a custom upholstered bench cushion, I tossed in a few squishy toss pillows to make for a nice little interim perch to read or write while gazing at the mountains.

For side tables, I initially searched for steel ones that had similar metal hardware details, like neat hinges or campaign hardware, and when I found these mirrored side-tables (US link) with similar nailhead detailing like our headboard had, I was sold.

The bed linens followed suit with thin grey piping and two of these toss pillows (US link) in the same tone.

I really hope you enjoyed this space! For more, Western Living published an editorial on this bedroom, and my Instagram post has more.

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