Our Chalet’s Living Space

March 2020 launched a two-year odyssey for us. Not only did it kick off the global pandemic we all faced, but on March 1st 2020, we got the keys to our first home together. And finally, after countless delays, hiccups and dollars spent, we can confidently say that our interior renovations are complete! 

Of course, a home is always in flux, with new art, plants, or decor (scroll to the bottom for our sources!), but it feels so good to finally have all the creature comforts we went without for so long. Before we dive into photos of our space as it currently stands, let's remind ourselves of what the cabin looked like before we got our hands on it...


Now, two years later, we have new black windows, fir trim, pine floors, a custom kitchen by Elmwood, surfaces of lime wash and Dekton Lunar, and all of the furniture needed for cozy morning coffee and fireside unwinding! And while it feels like our home now, in reality, it’s taken many tries to get this living room right.

We originally bought a used leather love-seat that was beautiful but blocked too much light, took up too much space, and wasn't conducive to conversation or long-term chillin', so we got rid of it. A pair of boucle club chairs proved to be the ideal pieces for the area.

MARCH 2020
MARCH 2022

Our cabin's original entrance used to be where our pine cabinet now rests, and the stairs used to terminate right into the wood stove. By renovating the steps and flipping them, we created a cozy nook in the corner, ideal for resting with a good book by the fire. We also finished it with a modest reading light and an exquisite vintage teak chair re-upholstered in a black and white wool fabric.


Although the room feels cohesive and balanced now, we had quite a challenging time laying out this space because of the angled window wall and squat shape (10 feet x a range of 5-10 feet). Nothing a circular rug can't fix my friends! This braided number felt just the right amount of cottage-y, and really helped maintain a flowing connection between the kitchen and living space.

Our kitchen has seen the biggest transformation, and continues to be my favourite room in the house. By blocking the entry to our main-floor bathroom and removing a small section of wall, we were able to wrap our Elmwood Kitchen cabinets and Dekton Lunar surfaces all the way around the corner. 

MARCH 2020
MARCH 2020
MARCH 2022

I gained a lot of new abilities throughout the remodeling process. I've grown confident in my capacity to measure, cut, and comprehend the layers that go into constructing a home. We've also picked up some new equipment and skills as well, welding being one of them. I'm beside myself with pride to be able to say, "we did that!" about our stair rails. They may not be perfect, but creating a section of your house that you would otherwise outsource is such fun.


We welded our aluminum posts and handrails together in place before we spray painted them matte black and installed fir slats for rails between them. We still have to install the fir handrail, but if we waited until everything was finished, we wouldn't be able to share the progress we've made now!

We’ve added a few new items to the mix since our last kitchen renovation, including an espresso machine, juicer, and stand-mixer; as well as some artwork, Heelr crystals and kitchen goods to our walls and shelves. As always, anything you place or put next to our Dekton counters and backsplash look amazing!

Take a peek at how tiny and crammed the previous kitchen was compared to now:


I absolutely love how our floating pine shelves terminate into the cabinet gable. And how our backsplash terminates into the shelves! *Heart Eyes Emoji* I use them to display and hold all of my wellness tinctures and Heelr oils. I call it my “best self shelf” haha! Also love how we were able to keep some of the brass touches from the original cabin’s door hardware, but in the form of brand new polished brass Providence cabinet knobs from Emtek. And how about another before photo to remind us of where we started:

MARCH 2020
MARCH 20202

We would not be here today enjoying our beautiful kitchen if it were not for Elmwood who provided us with our custom cabinetry and Dekton who provided all of our surfaces. We are truly grateful for their beautiful craftsmanship in making every nook and cranny perfect. Thank you for helping us make our house a home!

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