Links, Likes + Life – December ’20

We may never again live in a world that’s spelled out for us, and for that I am thankful—business as usual was never my forte anyhow.

Since as early as I can recall, I’ve invented new worlds in my head, questioned ours, and was super interested in new ideas/inventions and noodling on *the future*. I’ve always rubbed up against old traditions and structures that I understood to keep people small and quiet and obedient.

Needless to say, I’ve felt mildly punished for my worldview and ideals, or strongly encouraged to just hush, told “that’s just the way of the world!” simply because what I was curious about didn’t align with the current societal path of safe “information”. The only two times I’ve ever been suspended from school were because I called out an injustice, one time actually slamming my fist on my desk as I stood up and yelled “HE NEEDS JUSTICE” about a boy I didn’t even care much for!

But at this time, and leading up to The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 12/21 and through the full moon on 12/30, we’re being given an opportunity to be adamant with our energy. Instead of spending it in worry or fear or anticipation, put the possibility of a beautiful future filled with abundance and peace in your thoughts. Don’t just sit and wait—use this time to nurture a world that will nurture you back. The words you use become the home you live in—recognize that the intentions you set hold power and can help you navigate your way into the new world.

Behind us is the old restrictive shoreline that kept people small and quiet and obedient. And ahead of us is an awakened ocean of uncharted waters. You can equip your vessel and ride into the endless horizon, or you can choose to struggle to swim back to shore, clinging onto a crumbling edge that never served those with pure intentions or hearts to begin with.

In light of these changes and feelings, I designed framed posters and some other fun products you can shop and share your support of. And after that? You guess it! Enjoy my links and likes from the past month. 🙂

Happy Awakening everyone!

Links + Likes


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