Links + Likes: July 2016

Everything I’ve been loving for the past month — from hand-formed plates and baseball caps to nail polish, sugar and salt.

(Click the photos to visit the links to shop my loved items yourself.)

1. Tinted and smoked glass jugs and beverage ware

Move aside boring, clear glass, hello tinted or smoked glassware. My love affair started with a de-saturated ochre-coloured water jug I found at a local thrift store, and was continued thanks to a little pink litre carafe bottle I found in my home-town at Home Galleria. My obsession didn’t stop there though — for my backyard makeover, I nabbed a set of six of these awesome Wayfair smoke cafe glasses.


2. Irregular, handmade ceramic plates

There’s something special about anything hand-formed and fired in a kiln, and dinner plates are no exception. I just added to my dinner plate family of six with this set of Unison Home black slab plates and I love them. Perfect size and food is just more enjoyable on them. Here’s a few links to plates I own, and a few I wish I owned:
 plate2plate5 plate1plate3plate4

3. Unconventional spice grinders + salt cellars

I’ve been enjoying my Umbra Shift spice grinder so much, I threw out my salt and pepper shakers. Okay, that doesn’t sound crazy considering I got a spice grinder to replace my pepper mill, but I did ditch my salt shaker without a replacement! (I’m wild, I know.) So I’m on the hunt for a great salt pig, cellar or grinder that fits the vibe of my pepper mill without being matchy-matchy. This seems so trivial, but as someone who cooks a lot, it’s a matter of function as much as it is frivolous form. Here are some picks I have my eye on:


4. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Nail polish normally lasts 1-3 days on my fingers — I simply get into too many things. If I’m not doing a home reno project, I’m cooking, or gardening, or moving crap around, or playing with Piper. But this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel has lasted one whole week (which is a record in my books). The hue I’ve been wearing is Pinky Promise.

5.  Xylitol as a substitute for sugar

Since watching Sugar Coated on Netflix, I’ve been using xylitol in my morning coffee — specifically the brand Xyla. Will it also be proven to be harmful in a decade? I have no clue, but you simply can’t worry too much about it. Overall, I avoid anything processed, so a teaspoon in the morning is about it for me, and I frankly enjoy the taste of Xyla as much as sugar (I really can’t decipher a difference at all), so for now, that’s what I’m up to coffee-wise!


If you love art, birds, wildlife and free stuff and you haven’t heard of artist John James Audubon, you’re in for a treat! (Read more of a history in this awesome and concise D*S post). Essentially, he not only discovered oodles of new North American bird species in the early 1800s, but he drew every single one way back when. After his death, his wife sold his original drawings to the New York Historical Society for just $2,000, and since, the society has made his prints available for free! That’s right, you can download hi-res prints of any of his bird drawings to print and enjoy yourself. I myself just printed his Warbling Flycatcher. This is what it looks like:

7. Baseball caps

Never before in my life have I voluntarily worn a baseball cap — until now. This year, I’ve been on a baseball cap kick — and even made my own which you can buy here). I’ve always been a beanie-lover in the winter for obvious reasons (I don’t have to do my hair, and it keeps me warm), and same goes for baseball caps. I think they make you look automatically put together and sporty, and they do just as great of a job hiding messy, undone hair. Bonus: they do a great job at what they’re supposed to — blocking the sun so you don’t have to wear shades or worry as much about burning your poor little scalp or face.

Extra mentions:

  • I’ve been enjoying the SnapChat of Local Milk AKA Beth Kirby. Her story on any given day in two words: food and travel.
  • My favorite show as of late has been HGTV’s (USA) Good Bones.
  • I adore the work that Percy and Tara do through their home renovation/restoration company, Jersey Ice Cream Co. They literally move into homes, revel in them, and restore them to their former glory (a la Nicole Curtis).

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