I Got a Jeep! [Plus Links + Likes]

After pining for one for over a year, I finally made my dream a reality and got myself a brand new 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU! Mike and I are currently modifying it (lift, rack, new tires/wheels, etc.) to make it the ultimate adventure-mobile for overlanding! Then, in September, we’re packing up and driving from Squamish to Lake Tahoe/San Fransisco and back, camping along the way with Piper! British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California in just 11 days. We cannot wait to go, and are planning it like crazy people right now (our version of fun)! We’ll share all about it as it happens on Instagram!

I just love the plane art print in this Cosmo Penthouse by Kaemingk Design.

Brene Brown chatting with Gwenyth on The Goop Podcast is so so so worth listening to. 

Whipped feta with fresh herbs is high on my ‘to-make’ list.

I just bought these cute jeans (for those curious, I shop a ton at Abercrombie. They have killer prices, and super cute/trendy but still basic clothes.

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