Links + Likes: August 2020

This month I am chock full of inspiration!

It’s been a really fulfilling few weeks of work, both on our home and on various design projects (I just wrapped up a Branding Package for Kristen Sanger), and there’s been a nice rhythm to the past month. We’ve enjoyed some lake days and sunburns, and also some storms, and lots of heads-downing at my desk, designing, sourcing, writing and dreaming.

My eyes have been drawn to putty tones, browns and greens lately, and I’ve been on a successful hunt for spaces that have more richness and less crispness. Everything I’ve been saving lately on Pinterest seems to fit into the style theme “woodsy modern,” where white’s are never quite white and texture rules all, and it’s no surprise: my vision for our home is exactly that.

So without further ado, today I’m sharing the spaces, recipes, products and people that are inspiring my August!

August’s Moodboard

Luxe Remodeling
Phyllis Shafer
Macias Peredo Arquitectos
Decor No 5
Colin King
Paul Nicklen

August Favourites

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