Finding the Right Light – 15 Lights and Lamps to Buy Right Now

One of the first things we’ll be ordering for our new place is lighting, which will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the overall design of the cabin.

Lighting is not just an integral part of the build and functionality of a home, but of its design as well. It’s a permanent fixture, sure, but it can add as much visual commentary to a room as a great rug can, making it a worthy investment.

After demo, electrical will be stepping in, so with that being a few weeks away, we’ve already been thinking through where we want lights and what exactly they should look like. (Need I remind you we haven’t even moved in yet? Haha!)

The electrical plan (notice the little logo I made of Piper top-right?)

Today is a big day, though: My house in Ontario closes and the new homeowners take possession. Wow.

I am so relieved everything went seamlessly considering I sold the home abroad and there were many moving parts and people, and that gets us one step closer to getting our place! So on this very fine Friday, I’m sharing all of the lights we considered for our home.

There were honestly so many contenders, it was hard to finalize our choices, and even then, there’s a chance we change our minds once we’re in there and see them in person. You just never know until you get the opportunity to see it in the space, feel it out, and use it. Once we make final selects and they arrive, you’ll be the first to know if you follow me on the ‘gram, so without further ado, enjoy this roundup of 15 awesome lights, from table lamps to ceiling flush-mounts!

15 Lights and Lamps to Buy Right Now

1. Hudson Wood Sconce
2. Clear Glass Retro Flush-Mount
3. Moon Eclipse LED Pendant
4. Austen Offset Table Lamp
5. Domes Black Marble Lamp
6. Southeast Asia Wooden Pendant
7. Cedar + Moss Semi-Flush Mount
8. Accordion Table Lamp
9. Joanna Metal Sconce
10. Ria Rattan Table Lamp
11. Flush-Mount Copper Light
12. Egg Drop Pendant
13. Berkshire Single Sconce with Linen Shade
14. Snake Table Lamp
15. Clear Glass Flat Shade Light

I really hope this post shed light on some lamps you may want to bring into your home! Stay tuned for more updates on our chalet (which we’ve named Piper’s Peak and will follow suit with hashtag) as we get possession next week.

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