Ledge Love

The simple art of placing books on a ledge has brought me joy lately.

In the new living room, we have a large window with a deep ledge on it, and I had debated getting a custom bench seat made, but the ledge isn’t totally flat: there’s a step-up 2/3rds of the way deep that rises to meet the window casing. So because of that, and due to the fact that in all honesty I’d rarely sit there “curled up with a good book”, a custom bench seat isn’t worth it in this case.

In problem-solving the nook, I ended up stumbling upon a nice solution for the now: books on their back! Spines out, stacked artistically, and surrounded by plants, my book collection adds some energizing pops of colour and protects the painted surface of the ledge—which was a concern as we’re renting.

The eventual dream is to create a waterfall wood slat topper, just like the one pictured below to the right.

But I believe that improving your home should not wait for enough money, or time.

I’ve always found that there’s millions of little tweaks you can make , now to create a space with more personality and style. And, often, you can make them with items you already own, just like I did with my beloved books.

x, S

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