I’ve Decided To Leave HGTVs ‘Save My Reno’

It’s taken me a few attempts to write this post. The first draft was all over the place and vague. The second was to-the-point but didn’t offer the compassion that such news deserves. And finally, on my third attempt, I just wrote freely as if I were sharing the news with a friend. Because that’s what I think you all deserve. So here we go!

I’ve decided to leave HGTV’s Save My Reno

And while it’d be easier for me to simply leave it at that, I think you—and everyone who’s put their blood, sweat and tears into the show—deserve more of an answer.

The truth is that when I found out the show was green-lit to film a third season, I felt uncertain—and I couldn’t put my finger on why. As the months passed leading up to the start of production, my uncertainty turned into anxiety. I couldn’t place where it was coming from and I tried everything to understand it. I even shared some of these feelings in the posts The Pressure To Name It and Winging It. But it wasn’t until flying back to Ontario and chatting through the details of a quickly approaching start date that I was slapped with the fact that I no longer wanted to work on the show.

As with many growing pains I’ve experience in life, the truth had been knocking at the door of my soul for a while—and I wasn’t answering it. I wasn’t anxious about my future like I had once thought, I was experiencing cold feet about continuing something I knew wasn’t right for me any longer.

The night I came to this realization, I stayed up until morning on my bed in my parents basement. Alone with just a notebook, I tried to figure out a way to continue working on Save My Reno while giving myself legs to explore what’s next. But gut feelings are a wild thing.

My intuition is relentlessly persistent, unwavering and—most importantly—has never steered me wrong. And it’s simply pulling me in another direction.

Where that is exactly and what that looks like, I don’t know yet, but I do know two things: 1) I’d like to return to my roots in art, blogging and freelance design, and 2) To get where I’m meant to go requires me to be fully open and available as I continue trusting and listening to my inner guide.

Coming to terms with this choice has been bitter-sweet. Bitter because I’m closing the door on an opportunity many people dream of—as I once did—, but sweet because I know with my whole being that I’m doing what’s best for me. Despite the initial shock that this news may bring, I’m genuinely excited about what’s around the corner for me…

But before I can move on from the show, I first have to hold some space for everybody who’s put their time into making it as great as possible, even when circumstances were tough. TV is not always an easy gig, but I am eternally grateful for the experience and wish the show nothing but continued success.

To every fan, to every homeowner, and especially to everyone who’s worked onset and behind-the scenes, thank you.

And lastly, because I believe in good vibrations, I’m ending this post by sharing some of my immediate goals and things I’m currently giving my energy to:

Creative Work: My background is in illustration and graphic design, and I’m passionate about diving back into freelance creative projects which is exactly why I launched a new portfolio site, Sabrinas.Studio. I offer illustration, graphic design, branding, website design, copywriting and everything in between. Click to view a selection of branding and illustration and design work.

Health and wellness: I’ve become increasingly interested in pursuing health and wellness as art of my work. Not only am I teaching yoga (at Breathe Fitness and through private lessons), but I’ve added a Lifestyle + Wellness category to my blog and will be sharing more on my tips, beliefs and practices, like this post on my personal Ayurvedic rituals.

Travel and Exploration: Mike and I are planning out a ton of weekend getaways this summer throughout the Pacific Northwest (which started with our trip to Della Creek and Lillooet) so you can look forward to lots of adventure posts!!!

Astrology: Lately I’ve taken a huge interest in studying astrology. Not only as a way to understand myself (if you haven’t read your natal chart, go do it), but the world as a whole. I’ll chat more about all of this in an upcoming blog post, but tapping into my intuition on a deeper level is something I’m compelled to explore!

Community: Lately I’ve realized how important it is to be part of a community, be it creative, food-related, gal-pal crew etc. I’m super independent and love my downtime, but I’m ready to balance that out with getting involved in the community here in Squamish which is kicking off the Squamish Wind Festival which I’m excited to announce I’ll be MCing!

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