I’ve Decided To Leave HGTVs ‘Save My Reno’

And while it’d be easier for me to simply leave it at that, I think you—and everyone who’s put their hard work into the show—deserve more of an answer.

The truth is that when I found out the show was green-lit to film a third season, I felt uncertain and I couldn’t put my finger on why. As months passed leading up to the start of production, my uncertainty turned into a pit in my stomach (feelings which I touched on in The Pressure To Name It and Winging It). But it wasn’t until flying back to Ontario to chat through the details of a quickly approaching start date that I realized I no longer wanted to work on the show.

As with many growing pains I’ve experience in life, the truth had been knocking at the door of my soul for a while—and I wasn’t answering it. But as a result, I wasn’t anxious for no reason. And that feeling was cold feet about continuing something I knew wasn’t right for me any longer.

I tried to figure out a way I could continue working on Save My Reno while giving myself legs to explore what was next for me, but gut feelings are a wild thing and mine were pulling me in another direction: one of change.

My intuition is relentlessly persistent, unwavering and—most importantly—has never steered me wrong. So I followed it. Which meant leaving behind something else, a show I had worked on and been a part of for years!

Where I’m heading exactly and what that looks like, I don’t know exactly. But I am pulled to return to my roots in art, design and branding. And I know to get where I’m meant to go requires me to be fully open and available as I continue trusting and listening to my guide, myself.

Coming to terms with this choice has been bitter-sweet: bitter because I’m closing the door on an opportunity many people dream of—as I once did—, but sweet because I know with my whole being that I’m doing what’s best for me. Despite the initial shock that this news may bring, I’m genuinely excited about what’s around the corner! But before I can move on from the show, I first have to hold some space for everybody who’s put their time into making it as great as possible, even when circumstances were tough. TV is not always an easy gig, but I am grateful for the experience and wish the show and HGTV nothing but continued the best.

To every fan, to every homeowner, and especially to everyone who’s worked onset and behind-the scenes, thank you for letting me into your homes! I had a great time getting to know you guys…

Edit: Since writing this post, I’m proud to share that I’ve launched a new wellness business, Heelr, which brings the potent power of plants and vibrational healing right to your doorstep!

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