Happy Plants for The Home and Office

Plants make people happy.

No, really, dirt and gardening scientifically makes people happy. Maybe it’s because I’m a tad obsessed with my plants and garden at the mo’, but while leafing through the 2015 IKEA Catalog, I couldn’t help but notice their smart use of plants to serve a purpose. For tips on how to decorate using plants in your home, read this article on Real Simple.

Here’s a few spreads from the catalog broken up into sections where plants were used as decor, to balance or add interest to a space, for functional purposes or for fun.

1) Plants To Add Visual Interest & Texture

There’s nothing more stunning than a crisp, clean, bright room accented with some green-thumb-ery. Plants add variety and bring life to modular, simple pieces and visual interest to sparse or one-note spaces.


One larger plant or a cluster of smaller plants punctuates any simple, minimal space. The stand-alone, bold topiary tree in this clean white space is divine.

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As mentioned above, clusters of a variety of smaller plants with lots of organic foliage compliments more modular, boxy units or furniture pieces like this one. And I don’t know about you, but I could never fill every space in a large cabinet unit like this with my own stuff, so might as well fill it in with greenery!

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Use plants to fill in sparse areas or “elbows” in storage modules. Put them on stacks of books, use as bookends, mix and match! I love the see-through vase on this Jenga-like unit.

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Screen-Shot-2014-08-15-at-3.43.20-PMScreen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.43.20 PM

Placing a single twig, flower or plant stem in a transparent vase adds mega-drama to this room. I’d never think to use green tinted glass in a yellow and dark-wood room, but I quite fancy the bold combination.

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Large leafy plants such as fiddle-leaf figs, Monstera, philodendrons or palms make spaces charged with bright pastels and geometric patterns feel homier. Try using more organic greenery in a room with structured, modern decor to create a feeling of comfort and closeness over “geometric” greens such as succulents or grasses.

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One large plant offset by a few small plants does wonder for this modern, stainless steel, white glossy kitchen.

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2) Functional Plants

Plants are good for us, for the air and for our moods. And we can eat them too! Here’s some spreads with plants that look good and serve a purpose – what more can you ask for!


I love the idea of growing seedlings in your kitchen on a storage cart by a window such as this one. Perfect for propagating — and how cute are the mug planters? Just be sure to fill the bottom with stones and pebbles for drainage.

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Cooking with your own counter-top herbs and using them as a decorative element or centerpiece is pretty luxurious — without the price tag.

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Put Palms, Philodendron, Boston Ferns, Cacti or Ivy in the bedroom. They purify the air and remove allergens and don’t require lots of sunlight so you’ll wake up breathing easier and feeling more rested.

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3) Window Sill Plants


This children’s bedroom looks like a jungle in the best way possible. I’m not a mom yet, but getting kids to take care of plants in their room seems like a great way to teach responsibility and foster a green-thumb early on.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.42.33 PM

Imagine waking up to these lovely little ledge plants! Squeeeee!

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Ledges or deep sills make for the perfect home for plants that love sunlight. I have a few Kalanchoe’s in my windows and they do beautifully! They got so big I had to separate and propagate them.  Here’s a list of flowering houseplants for sunny spots.

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Love the subtle but oh-so-necessary foliage on this little ledge. If that’s planted in an empty used can, then heck, that’s adorable.

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Layering plants and blooming flowers behind a feminine banquet or loveseat. Need I say more?

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Tropical plants love the humid, moist environment of a shower. Try hanging dried eucalyptus from your shower head; it’ll purify the air and give off a fresh scent. Double-duty cleaning.

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4) Hanging Plants

If your space is limited, if you have lots of empty walls to full, or if you have a lot of vertical room and want to bring some warmth and natural elements into your home, hanging plants are your pal.


I love the idea of using hanging plants to divide a room up. Hang from a clothes rack or even the ceiling. Just be sure to take down and water over the sink so you don’t waterfall plant-juice onto your lovely furniture or floors! I’ve learned the hard way 😐

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Stacking plants up the wall on a ladder or side unit such as this has big impact with a tiny footprint. The geniuses at IKEA cut water or pop bottles in half, filled with stones and planted right into them. The best part is if you over-watered, you can open the lid to drain some liquid!

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Normally, bars in a window seem like a security precaution, but these window-rails make for the perfect home for herbs. It adds some privacy while still letting in lots of light.

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If you’re counter-space in limited or you can’t afford to waste space, hanging plants just above surface-level  is a great use of vertical space that would go otherwise unused.

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4) As Decoration


If you have some free space in a room but don’t know what to do with it, these stands would fill the space without making it feel crammed. They’d also serve beautifully to segment and divide an open-concept space or entrance. They’d even be great outdoors!

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Use decorative branches (birch, pussy willow or even driftwood) and twigs as art to add dimension to any room.

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Without the flowers, this room wouldn’t feel nearly as lively. The saturated pink petals compliment the wall colour and the green adds some happy-contrast.

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Drama, drama drama! Dang, these flower arrangements have attitude. Use bold, showy petals of the same colour family as your space to bookend a bed or large furniture piece.

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These soft purple gems add some softness and femininity to this otherwise super-blue, clean masculine bathroom. Pretty, ain’t it?

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BONUS: Plant-Print Textiles!


This beautiful bedding recently made it onto my list of ‘Flora & Fauna Inspired Furniture & Decor’. Perfect for green-thumbs!

Product Links: STRANDKRYPA Bedding | HURDAL Bed Frame | HURDAL Nightstand


Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.41.30 PM

What a darn lovely textile. Imagine making pillows or bedding out of this? Swoon.

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I’ve had my eye on this chair for a while now. Too bad I don’t have the room for it!

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