House Plant Appreciation Day

As we usher in the weekend, I took some time this Friday morning to fuss over all of our houseplants, spritzing each plant with water and individually wiping each leaf with a damp towel, then lining them up at the window for a day of sun bathing.

Our plants have been around for years and I can’t imagine our home without them. They’ve lived in many different homes (and corners within them), and resiliently bounced back after a cold drive from Ontario to BC in the winter of 2018. I have cared for some of these plants longer than any other piece of furniture or decor in our home, and they have literally grown with me over the years, so today I’m honouring our fern-y friends and sharing my houseplant care tips as well as a bunch of new products from my shop (like a brass plant mister, ceramic hanging pots, and decorative vases for flowers)!

My simple plant care regime:

Like ledges, plants can get dusty, and when their leaves are covered in even a thin layer of dust, they can’t soak in the sun efficiently. To ensure our plants thrive, I spritz them with a fine mist a few times a week, and wipe the leaves down with a damp cloth once a month. I also performing a gentle audit of the plant, untangling any stems, pulling out any dry or dead leaves or shoots, and ensuring new spires aren’t crowded so they get lots of sun and nutrients. I’ll also take a moment to arrange any leaves to favour ones that have been under a canopy for a few weeks, and inspect the soil, removing any dried leaves and debris, and testing for dryness. I let the soil dry out a few inches deep between waterings, and water them all differently according to their size, genus etc. As a general rule of thumb, I water tropical plants and ferns once a week, small or young plants only when very dry, and our succulents and cacti once or twice a month.

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