The Best: Brass Lighting

Brass is timeless, comes in a variety of finishes to suit a variety of looks, and is applicable to almost any style or look. It pairs beautifully with black, white, wood—and even other metals like steel and nickel—and within our own home, it was a natural choice. With pine ceilings, black fixtures and light fir floors, bringing in brass through lightning (and small decor touches to come) will bring lightness, glamour and excitement to the otherwise matte look and rustic feel.

In designing Piper’s Peak I’ve hit ‘next page’ hundreds of times on all my favourite home design brands sites, and along the way, I’ve curated a list of the best brass lights out there right now! From $40 to $1,400, this collection has everything from real polished brass to faux brushed. Enjoy!

feature image: Kate Marker Interiors

1. Paris Street Lamp Pandant
2. Deshotel 1-Light Semi-Flush
3. Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
4. Seg Harbour Metal Shaded 1-Light Barn Light
5. Bola Disc Pendant
6. Joni Single Cone Pendant
7. 7″ Seabeck Cage Oval Bulkhead Sconce
8. Raw Brass Wall Sconce
9. Simple Concrete Dome Flush Light
10. Taya 1-Light Globe Pendant
11. Tolson Cage Wall Sconce
12. Real Brass Talal Ceiling Light
13. Vanity Bar + Circles Light
14. Dekum Metal Dome Pendant
15. Plate Polished Brass Sconce
16. Swoop Arm Chandelier
17. Peeled Brass Sconce
18. Collier 1-Light LED Semi Flush-Mount

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