Hello, Dear Mercury

The smallest planet in our solar system, and the one closest to the sun, is transiting across the constellation Gemini over the next two months.

In short, you can prepare for a burst of extroverted energy this month.

Mercury is always moving, collecting and dispersing data. It’s the planet of communication and coordination, after all. Like a field reporter, it’s hungry to learn and unlearn information.

But on another relevant note, Gemini’s energy is light, effervescent and flowy. So as Mercury passes through the constellation of Gemini, it suggests we might be more open with our speech. It also means our inbox will fit up, and our phones will ring more than usual. As a planet that wants to gather, learn, unlearn, and discern information, we should be sure to fine tune our message before we share freely, as we’ll want to.

As a planet which traverses any binary system like day or night, female or male, Mercury offers us a lovely opportunity to learn how to embody both our masculine and feminine, our shadow and our ego. This could help validate our data, or be confusing if you aren’t yet open to your polarity.

Wherever you are on your journey, here’s some other helpful tips to work with these energies over the coming weeks:

Follow the breadcrumbs that show up at your doorstep!

Take copious notes!

Hike up to a peak or mountaintop!

Study, write and converse with pals who pique your curiosity!

Pondering your routes and itineraries!

Visit your library (online too)!

As a reminder, Mercury goes retrograde from May 29th until June 22nd. Happy trails, pals.

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