My Handmade Illustrated Quilted Blanket

Back in the fall I was asked to participate in an art show called ‘Objects Have Stories’ in Toronto. Me and 21 other top-tier Canadian illustrators were tasked to make a handmade tactile item to be displayed and sold at MADE for $200. Remember that pattern I made a while back that I posted about? Well this is what I did with it!

The show opened on November 28th and is open until mid-December at MADE so be sure to swing by and have a gander and consider some of the items on display/sale! Visit my portfolio to see more.

My handmade quilted blanket was inspired by the delicacy yet intricacy of nature as well as the comfort home brings—from the print inspired by birch trees and feathers to the material it’s constructed with; all 100% organic cotton. It should serve as a gentle reminder to appreciate nature, indulge in it often, and — when you do get home — to take pause and relax as you snuggle up in it. Matching throw pillows are also available.







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