My Genesis Experience

Current status: thoroughly missing my 2017 Genesis G90.

For a few weeks in October, I was lucky enough to call one my own. I drove it everywhere from film sets in the city to Northern Ontario to explore the fall colours, and it was truly a more enjoyable a ride than I anticipated.

I’m not usually one for flash, but after just one day in my Genesis, it was hard to argue the worth of investing in a luxury vehicle.

It had everything you’d expect—heated seats, a sunroof, great sound system, comfortable and spacious seating—along with a whole other world of upgrades I wasn’t anticipating: corrective steering assistance (yes, you can go hands-free around a bend to grab something in the back seat), a live multi-view camera, a super-intuitive and non-distracting interface, insignia puddle lamps which projected onto the ground like a Batman symbol, sun screen visors, and ambient lighting (which I appreciated big time).

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