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So I’ve really been dropping the ball on sharing my cooking, recipes and posts about things us adult-chef-geeks find exciting like the best cutting boards, editorials on how to cook bacon, and countertop styling how-tos. If I had a dollar for every time I received a DM on Instagram that read some version of “I miss your recipe stories!” I’d be able to buy a hefty shopping bag full of produce and pantry goods to cook with—only to not show you guys, haha I’m the worst. But at least I have a reason…

The truth is that by the time I’m in the kitchen, ready to go, cooking dinner, the lighting is anything but appetizing. Each time I’ve picked up my phone to shoot a recipe story, I’ve watched it back, gasped and immediately hit ‘delete’ because of how offensively green my creamy white potatoes looked. As someone who shares their life with you guys as it’s happening, if what I’m trying to film or snap a pic of in the moment doesn’t translate, it’s not being shared. No ifs, ands or buts.

But before you give up on me, I have some fantastic news for you guys: we’re moving and renovating our new kitchen! If you’d like to read more on that, I’ve linked to the first two posts in our Cozy Modern Cabin series below (until I can come up with a better name). It’s kind of fitting that the first room we’re laying hands on is the greatest room of all—the kitchen—and its design will end up dictating a lot of the overall design, which I shared a bit about in the below post (on the left).

That means a kitchen with better lighting and better functionality. It’s a space so truly ours that we can design inch by inch, from the floor up, but before we get to the beautiful ‘after’, there’s a lot of work to do… Later this week I’ll be sharing a big update later this week going over where we’re at with our cabin purchase (we’re 1 month away from getting possession and there’s still so much to sort out!) but before then, I wanted to share our current kitchen (which I haven’t shared a ton of!) and all of the essentials we use daily that remain atop our countertops, on our shelves, and in our drawers. These are items that every kitchen should have—good lighting or not—and all of them are from my online shop! I have personally handpicked each item, and I use and love them in my own home. Shipping is FREE on everything, and for 10% off instantly, subscribe to my newsletter.

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Oil Bottles + Dispensers

There is no greater atrocity to a stove-side vignette than a generic grocery store bottle of olive oil plunked on the countertop. Regardless of what oil you use or buy, pouring it into a sealed bottle helps keep your oil fresher, longer. Many oils, including olive oil, spoil when exposed to sunlight, so placing them in opaque jars is a yes-yes. And for those of you who like a drip-free solution, the cruet bottles below catch any excess, returning them to the jar.

Dish Towels + Kitchen Linens

I prefer to keep my kitchen linens to a minimum. I don’t use place settings or tablecloths typically, but I do have a large collection of linen dish towels that I rotate through often. The one’s in my shop below are super affordable (2 for $23) and are made of the same linen as the adorable and absolutely necessary apron.

Waste / Compost Bin

I use my compost bin multiple times a day. I keep it under the sink, and when I’m cooking, I bring it onto the counterrop next to my cutting board so I can easily transfer in food waste and organics.
*Hot tip: I use a stainless steel pastry scraper to transport food and waste from the board to my waste bin!

Pot / Dish Scrubbers

I have been using a natural bristle pot brush for years, and I haven’t missed sponges for a second! Not only are they natural and durable, but ergonomic and good for the environment. I have a few to choose from:

Cutting Boards

I have four cutting boards sitting on my counter at a given time: one is for chopping, one hosts the tea kettle, one hosts the coffee machine, and one is decorative. Placing various jars, utensils or kitchen products atop of them is a great way to organize your goodies neatly, and beautifully.

Psssst, while not a cutting board, this wooden trivet is also a great piece to have on display!

Our kitchen (see all the stuff? It makes it cute!)

Other Utensils / Tools

In one large storage jar in particular, I keep tools such as my rasp, spatulas, serving spoons etc. Basically, anything long that can almost act like flowers in a vase next to my stove. I also keep out my measuring cups and use them to hold the odd garlic clove, or plum sauce in a pinch.

Storage Jars

I have so many different vases, planters, storage jars and canisters. I use them In. Every. Room. I have lots of storage and cleaning products, but these three are my faves.

And last but not least, good lighting! Haha, if you’re anything like me and you enjoy the process of watching a good sauce come together, then it helps. So if you’re in the market for lights, I’ve just introduced lighting to my shop! It’ll be trickling in slowly as I source with my suppliers, but have a browse.

Then join the conversation on Instagram (click below) and let me know what tools or products you can’t live without in YOUR kitchen!

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