An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh

My relationship with my bedroom lately can be summed up with the saying, “quality over quantity.”

A lot has changed since I last shared my bedroom, and while it’s mostly changes in my professional life (bye-bye sleep!), I believe that the form and function of one’s home simply can’t escape the transformation and growth of those who dwell in it. Home, after all, is a living and breathing thing that ebbs and flows just as we do!

From a design point-of-view, I re-constructed our closet and installed a sliding bar door, I replaced and updated our lighting, and made some changes to the decor. But more important than the look and function of a room is the reason behind those changes — and in the case of my bedroom, it was a little thing called quality of life.

Since I began filming my new HGTV show, Save My Reno, sleep and what I like to call “the ease of mornings” has become more important to me than ever. And yet here I was, sleeping on a seven year-old worn and tired mattress — it even had a few popped coils right in the middle, so sleeping comfortably became a strategy rather than a given.

I hit my limit a few weeks ago and (ironically) stayed up one night shopping online for new bedding, a new king mattress and new pillows. In my search, I stumbled upon Tempur-Pedic’s Embrace Mattress and Soft + Conforming Pillows. I had never invested in a good mattress or pillows before — not to mention, one’s made from specialty foam — so I was nervous to commit, but in the end I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot! At the very least, it had to be better than my rinky-dink popped coil bed of doom.

While I waited for the mattress and pillows to be delivered, I decided to give the rest of the room a well-deserved refresh. On top of ordering new bedding (a linen duvet and sham set from UO, and a Calvin Klein fitted sheet and sham set), I hung up some new art and baskets I found at Homesense.

Rather than starting from scratch, I kept my bed, the blue walls (painted in Marine Magic by Behr), and all of the furniture and simply layered in interesting art, decor, a vintage rug, and added new plants. In general, I actually pared the entire space back a bit and ended up taking away furniture pieces that we didn’t use as frequently to give it an airier, more laid-back feel.

As for how I like my Tempur-Pedic mattress, you can look out for a blog post next week that gives my full review (I want an extra week of sleeping on it to really offer some good nuggets), but what I can say so far is that while I’m getting less sleep than ever before in my life, I feel more rested. It’s hard to describe the difference, but even when I know I haven’t slept enough mentally, I feel rested physically.

I hope you enjoy the photos below! And be sure to check back next week because I’ll be sharing more about how I’m staying energized and zen despite life’s craziness. xo, Sabrina

An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh  An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh

Mattress + Pillows: Tempur-Pedic    |   Baskets + Beveled Mirror: Homesense   |   Artwork above bed: Sergio Aquino, Ness Lee, and Kathleen Wescoat-O’Neill   |   Artwork over dresser: Sunday B. Morning Fairchild Paris Chanel No. 5 print   |   Lamps: Vintage + Leon’s   |   Bed: Leon’s   |   Bedding: Urban Outfitters Linen Duvet + Shams, Calvin Klein fitted sheet and sham set  |   Nightstand + Dresser: Leon’s   |   Rug: ECarpetGallery

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