Ebb and Flow: Life and My Living Room

Rooms ebb and flow all the time.

And my living room is arguably the room that changes most in my home — even if it’s ever so subtly: by the season; based on trends; based on what our weeks look like function-wise etc. I swap out a pillow here for a pillow there, forgo a throw blanket; move my plants and shelf decor around; I even toss things out (AKA sell or return them — all the time)!




Interior design, to me, is only fun and successful when you let a space breathe and allow it to change. Forget being stuffy and formal, or being scared to make choices. Let it go, let it flow and don’t be afraid to move things around — and definitely don’t fear hating something! Making decisions when it comes to your home and developing a style is largely shaped by changing your mind: live with the thing you bought and loved in the store, but if you end up hating it, return it or sell it! You should love everything in your room, and if you don’t, get rid of it or use it elsewhere in a spot where you might enjoy and appreciate it more.

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared some photos of my living room, so Shawn and I had an impromptu photoshoot yesterday of my room in its current state (which ended up including lots of shots of Piper and myself as well). I’ll admit it was partly spawned by the fact that I wore a dress today (rather than PJs), so I felt photo-worthy. (In case you’re wondering, the dress is the Spot Mix & Match Dress from ASOS and the shoes are Lucky Brand from Hudson’s Bay).




My living room came together so quickly back last fall when we were renovating our kitchen. I sold our couch (because it took up lots of needed room in the space, and I found it uncomfortable), so once the kitchen was done, I had to scramble to find a sofa, a rug, decor, side chairs, an ottoman, the list goes on. And I wanted to do it all on the cheap as I had just spent some dough on the kitchen. So I found this yellow sofa on clearance at The Bay’s warehouse in Cambridge, Ontario for $500, the ottoman online for a few hundred, and the rug for the same at HomeSense, and ever since, I’ve been slowly moving, changing, shifting things as we go about life. Will I have this sofa forever? No. But for the price, it works as our main couch for now, and it’ll work in a den or office in the future!

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Tomorrow morning I’ll be sharing another post with a source list (and a mood board because the designer in me can’t help herself) for where to find similar pieces if you’re looking to achieve the same look — that is, if you love yellow sofas, pet-durable rugs, comfort and plants 😛



It’s not the most perfectly-designed space, and it may not be magazine worthy, but for how we live as a little busy family it’s perfect. And if you like it, come back tomorrow for a source list and links to buy similar furniture and decor!

x, S


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  • It looks like a bright and happy space for the three of you, Sabrina! Well done!
    p.s. There’s a Bay warehouse in Cambridge??

  • It looks like a bright and happy space for the three of you, Sabrina! Well done!
    p.s. There’s a Bay warehouse in Cambridge??

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