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Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of the all-grey trend. In many cases, it can come off as sterile or cold, and the last thing you want your home to feel is either of those adjectives.

However, on the other hand, I will always champion buying neutral-toned items when it comes to those larger, big-ticket items such as sofas or rugs.

Most of us know that the key to decorating with oodles of grey involves making sure you use a variety of tones and textures, but in my world, there’s a far more important rule to follow if you want to achieve a cohesive and beautiful space: when decorating with greys, it’s actually more important to consider the other colors introduced. Accenting grey, black and white with just solid red can come across as dated or juvenile. Rather, use a variety of colors in smaller, non-solid doses, accenting your grey room with tiny splashes of the rainbow. It’ll look much more grown-up while still feeling approachable, and you’re more likely to steer clear of a stiff, sterile, show-room feel. These are my picks for a (mostly) shades of grey space.

1. Savoy Table Lamps: Metallic and blacks are a natural addition to any grey space. This lamp is the perfect scale and shape to carry its own in a living room or bedroom.

2. Pillows: Combine mostly grey pillows with one or two of a different texture or pattern to add some variety. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]

3. Brunswick Sofa: I’ve loved this sofa from afar for over a year. It’s super versatile and forgiving thanks to the grey woven fabric, and could easily go with almost any decor. (PS: A woven fabric in a few tones rather than solid shade of polyester or linen is very pet-friendly)

4. Atlas Natural Print Rug: A good rug is definitely worth the splurge and this beauty is worth every penny.

5. Wall art is a great, inexpensive way to define a space. While I love gallery wall’s, there’s also nothing quite like a massive piece to anchor a room and inspire your decor. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]

6. If you do opt for a gallery wall, adding in some alternative decor helps create visual interest and break up an otherwise square and rectangle-heavy motif. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]

7.  Destin 2 Pc. Coffee Table Set: This set actually includes two coffee tables placed side by side, but you could easily buy as many or as little as you like and create your own configuration. 

8. Ariel Chair and Ottoman: One of the few times I give into a set is when it comes to a good-quality, comfortable chair and matching ottoman.

9. Elizabeth Floor Mirror: Okay, this isn’t exactly grey, but reflecting light and the contents of a mostly all-grey room makes any space feel larger and brighter. Sure it errs on the side of bedroom-appropriate, but hanging this on the wall horizontally over a sofa would look great, too!

10. PARA Paints: Saguenay Tint 3 (deep green), Mennonite Grey Tint 3 (mid-tone grey), Mennonite Grey Tint 1 (light grey) and Strawberry Blush.

11. In case it wasn’t yet obvious, I am plant-obsessed. Especially in a mostly-grey, monotone space, adding some greenery will liven it up and make it feel less sterile.

12. Cherington TV Stand: I love the compartmentalized areas of this warm-grey TV unit. You can hide all of your ugly cords and yet display the good-looking stuff on the open shelves!

13. Sketchbook Floral Silver Wallpaper: Metallics are a great way to go when it comes to wallpaper, especially if you’re nervous about anything too bold. This paper is very simple and one-tone, but still has impact when it hits certain light.

14. Flow Coffee Table: The classic waterfall glass or Lucite table is making a comeback, and this number doesn’t disappoint. 

15. Astin Sofa: This low-profile sofa is a great option for any space where the couch is placed in the center of a room allowing for great sight-lines.

16. Whether resting on a coffee-table or resting on a shelf, small accessories are fun, inexpensive way to change up the look of your space every season. [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection.]

Overall, decorating with grey is a great option for those who become overwhelmed by the words “eclectic” or “colourful”, but there are still easy design-principals you should follow and general rules that you should be aware of to make it work. Remember, simple and seemingly-fool-proof can sometimes be the hardest looks to achieve. Here are some tips to keep in mind: always opt for a wide gamut of grey tones, from white all the way to black; avoid using just one accent colour in a solid tone — instead, try using a rainbow of hues sparingly, or if you love blue, use a few hues of blue in a variety of patterns; avoid the sterile show-room feel by giving priority to plants and art — they should be a staple in any room; don’t shy away from metallics!

Is there a trend you’d like to see explored in this series? Maybe you’ve always wanted to create a cabin-feel, a preppy pad, or explore a boho-eclectic space but need a few ideas — comment below and let us know! 

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