DIY Cotton and Wool Throw Blanket/Duvet

With fall in full swing and winter around the corner, this DIY throw blanket is useful, beautiful and easy to make. A perfect weekend afternoon project!

I poke around my local thrift store every few weeks and was tickled when I found this dotted and arrow patterned beauty. I was saving it for just the right project when I stumbled on a coloured sheet in the same shade of green (!).

I’m not a very patient person, so I was pleased that this entire project took only two hours from start to finish.



– Two pieces of lightweight fabric;
One piece for the back, one for the front. These can be the same fabric or different — get creative and switch it up! It would be cool to do a two-tone blanket, or use the same colour in different shades. I find alot of my fabrics at Thrift Stores.

– Wool Batting
I got this quilt batting from Walmart for around $12 for a Double-bed sized piece.

– Needle and Thread
You could hand-sew this beauty, but a sewing machine simply makes the process faster. (Thank you mom for letting me use yours!)



1) Iron both sheets.

2) Lay both sheets on top of one another, flat on the floor. The front sides (the ones that will be exposed) should be facing each other, “kissing”; the back side of the first sheet should face the floor, the back side of the second sheet should face the ceiling.

3) Lay the batting on top and cut the sheets and batting so they are all the same size and dimensions. It should now look like this:

Bottom: first sheet with right side facing up  —  Middle: second sheet with right side facing down  —  Top: batting, all cut to the same size


 4) Secure the blanket on all sides using straight pins or — in me case — bobby pins, clothespins and bulldog clips. Honestly, they serve the same purpose; as long as it keeps everything in place and flat while you’re sewing one side and the next, use anything!


5) Sew all sides! If you’re like me and used unconventional clips, simply remove them once they near the needle. When you’re sewing the last side of the blanket, leave an opening big enough to pull the rest of the blanket through, about 5″-10″ wide–you’ll sew it back up later.


6) Pull the blanket through the hole and marvel at your greatness! Pull the corners out so they’re nice and sharp.

7) Pin the gap closed with the raw edges on the inside of the blanket and hand-stitch it closed with a blindstitch. Voila!

Stay warm and DIY on! I’d love to see your creations! Tweet, mention or tag me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


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