When we were sourcing countertop and backsplash for our kitchen, we chose Dekton by Cosentino, but deciding on which slabs to go with was truly difficult. Their range is insane, between thicknesses, finishes, patterns and colours, and we were really torn between a few. We landed on Lunar, but in the process I f

One of the coolest days in any renovation is when finishes arrive—I live for delivery and box opening! And today was a day I’ve dreamed about for months: our CRAFT hardwood floors arrived. Hardwood flooring is a feature so prominent in a design that it’s often one of the first things you source. In our [&

The last time I shared an update on our cabin (AKA Piper’s Peak), the world was a different place—as was our home. But then again, every week here has been eventful, marked by its own set of challenges and achievements. Day over day, this house has transformed, and capturing each moment has been an impossib

2019 was filled with life-changing moments, and in the final weeks before 2020, life introduced just one more: On December 23rd 2019, we became the proud new owners of an original 1980s chalet in Whistler—and we could not be more thrilled to finally share it! Our search for a place to call home on the [&helli

The simple art of placing books on a ledge has brought me joy lately. In the new living room, we have a large window with a deep ledge on it, and I had debated getting a custom bench seat made, but the ledge isn’t totally flat: there’s a step-up 2/3rds of the way deep that […]

Just like us, our houses are a constant work-in-progress. And as life ebbs, flows and changes, so too does the home. I’ve gone through a few big life changes over the last while, and my house has not been immune—neither has my wallet, but who’s counting? (Technically me. I am.) We often think of h

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, I thought I’d share an updated tour of my space, one which is proudly home to a mix of Made in Canada pieces, thrift store finds and old faithfuls from big-box shops. In tandem, HGTV Canada popped by and filmed a tour of my home (with Piper cameos, of co

I’ve spent most of my waking hours parked on this little yellow couch — or the dining table just behind it — recently. I’ve been on a tiny break from filming, and plugging away at myriad tasks, so rather than share all the things, here’s how I’ve  sum up the last few weeks:

Guys, my backyard is so so dope. I’m tickled pink — err, black. [If you’ve been following along with my backyard renovation, you know how junky and dysfunctional the space used to be. (And if you missed it, check out the full before post here and my shopping list here and a cost breakdown he

My backyard has been “undergoing renovations” for the past two years. One of the reasons I fell for this house was because of the potential that the backyard had. It was huge but overgrown in the wrong places, undergrown in the right places, and spoke to the previous elderly home owners. It was da

It’s been just over one week that my kitchen renovation has been complete, and I’ve finally been able to enjoy the fruits — err, cookies — of my labour. This weekend, my Nonna came over to give her Italian seal of approval on my kitchen and my Frigidaire Professional® appliances, and, t

Recently, I partnered with Leon’s Furniture to transform my bland, dark, storage-less bedroom into a cozy sanctuary with plenty of space for jammies and plants. Check out the video above (made by Wild and Light) to see the transformation unfold and get my insight into the design process. Get the full scoo

A few weeks ago, Grace, my Editor in Cheif at Design*Sponge asked the entire D*S team to open up their homes and show them off on the site. I was hesitant at first, as up until recently, I’ve been considering moving and have been house-hunting for nearly 6 months. It’s been an un-enjoyable process t

My living room has gone through a few iterations when it comes to furniture. Rugs, couches, plants and side tables have come and gone. But up until last week, my gallery wall had remained the same. This was my set-up when I first moved in 18 months ago: The few months that followed saw a […]

I’ve been a long-time Warby Parker fan, but I’ll just come out with it — my head is wide, and a lot of their trendier frames aren’t large enough for my face. So on a recent internet search, I came across Clearly (AKA Clearly Contacts) and bought myself two pairs. This may the beginnin

My living room featuring an IKEA rug, BRYGHT Coral Armchair, Spun Studio pillow, Target lamp, a Structube Eiffel chair and art from some of my favourite illustrators such as Matthew Woodson, Sachin Teng and James Jean. Propagating plants. I feel like that’s all I do! My throw pillow design (which you can