How your body looks has nothing to do with what it can do. And what you can do when you stop caring is going to make you love yourself so much. I used to care a lot about my image. I often stopped myself from doing things until I felt ready. But the thing is, feeling […]

Summer’s arrival was tardy here in British Columbia, but it did finally show up by August. Though night’s among the pines are cooler, daytime highs are in the 30s, and we are thriving! With access to two lakes within a block of home, we feel very very lucky and have been enjoying frequent swims and

The past 365 days of Piper’s life has undoubtedly been her best. Moving here greatly improved our quality of life, but the real winner is everyone’s favourite blue heeler border collie mix pup, Piper who turns five tomorrow. So today to celebrate the last day of 2019, I’ve rounded up 100 of my

This past year, I was invited back alongside HGTV Canada’s top builders, designers and real estate experts to renovate, restore and give away another beautiful home on Home To Win. This time around, I was partnered with Mike Holmes Jr. and it was our job to breathe new life into the living room and laundry [&

For the last ten years, simply out of passion, I have been sourcing and sharing art, decor and products I find online. Curation is a natural inclination of mine—links + likes (where I share cool things, products and people I find online) and the playlists I create monthly are my longest-standing blog categori

If I had to sum up the past year of my life in a word or two, it’d be ‘finding alignment’. And the year before that, it was simply ‘getting to know myself’. Intentional or not, I’ve been shifting in directions more true to me since 2017. This journey started with a solo trip to [&hel

Wow. What an eye-opening month it has been. Ever since I shared that I was quitting Save My Reno, I’ve been bombarded with realizations about work, worth and wellness—themes that seem to have punctuated my adulthood. On the other side of listening to and acting on my instincts was not what I was expecti

Lately I’ve been a bit frustrated, mostly with myself. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with direction in my career.  I, like many, have worked myriad jobs over the past decade. I’ve filled creative roles within advertising, tech, teaching and TV. But despite being proud of my achiev

I first fell in love with the west in Jasper, Alberta when I called its Canadian Rockies home for the better part of a year. For a few summers throughout my college years, my sisters and I would fly to Edmonton, take the bus from Edmonton to Jasper, Alberta, and park there working for the […]

Currently: Lying on my basement floor catching my breath after an intense workout. Also currently: Feeling grateful. In the hustle and bustle of life, I took pause today (involuntarily in a very unglamorous, sweaty way). And whether it was the endorphins kicking in (likely a factor) or not, I was compelled to

For a while, I lived as if fueled by the saying “move fast and break things.” I was young(er), eager, and willing to work hard. I was trying and testing and trying again. I opened every door even mildly offered to me. And I’m so glad I did. But now that some chips have fallen […]

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! I’ve gone from being a freelance homebody that barely left home to essentially becoming a nomad; living out of a bag, driving across the GTA from place to place, leaving a trail of granola bar crumbs, drywall dust, and hairspray. And actually wearing shoes on th

This weekend is my final weekend before my life takes a new turn — a turn I’ve been anxiously waiting for and anticipating since early 2016. As I write this, I’m sitting in my backyard listening to the hiss of the cicadas, Piper lying on the grass at my side, and soaking it all in. […]

Full disclosure: I have been guilty of approaching my work and career with a utilitarian mindset for years, and it’s finally run its course. And as a result, my portfolio is almost entirely made up of images created to satisfy a stiff brief. These images are strange to me. And these images don’t b

This months photo dump features a few snaps from my life, most of which I’ve shared on Instagram. After selling my Gus* sofa on Kijiji (found it uncomfortable although the quality was amazing), I hunted for affordable comfort and snatched up this yellow number, the Gramercy from The Bay. The frame&#8217

A few weeks ago, I flew to Miami to speak at Making It, a conference for women in creative industries. It was amazing to say the least, and I had a blast exploring Miami. For the 40 hours I was there, I crammed in a lot of sight-seeing, shopping, hanging with locals, and chatting with […]

I’ve been a long-time Warby Parker fan, but I’ll just come out with it — my head is wide, and a lot of their trendier frames aren’t large enough for my face. So on a recent internet search, I came across Clearly (AKA Clearly Contacts) and bought myself two pairs. This may the beginnin

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my life behind the scenes, so feast your eyes on some shots from my Instagram and some that have been sitting in my iPhone’s Camera Roll for months. I found these Kenneth Cole Reaction black slip-ons from Winners a few weeks back. These [

Wishing a very fond farewell to fall with these photos from last week when it was still golden and the air was crisp but warm. Flash forward to today in Ontario and it’s -10 and everything is masked in white. Oy vey. I’ll admit, it’s pretty but I’ll pass on the temperature! Anyhow, all o

Last week I launched a new double-sided, concealed zipper throw pillow in my online shop! Inspired by birch trees and the beauty of nature, met with geometric and bold shapes, the front is geometric taupe, dusty pink, black and white with hand-drawn textured stripes and dots. The back is black with pink dotted

Last Saturday, we had a couple over for dinner and Shawn snapped this shot of me rushing around getting ready. Fitting four of us comfortably around our small not-a-dining-table-table requires a few optical illusions and calculated table setting. For dessert I made fool-proof apple crisp. I don’t measure,