Radishes are the greatest underdog of the vegetable world. Over there last year, radishes have become a fridge staple. Not only are they super affordable, but they’re super healing, especially for anyone with thyroid or auto-immune diseases, like me! These tubers seem like an afterthought, or something yo

I’ve been ruminating a lot lately on what it means to be gentle. To seek wellness and to be kind to yourself. This topic seems to have slowly dominated my life, in the most benign and harmless way domination can—it’s found its way into my habits, my relationships, and even into a recent OOTD-turne

It’s been just over one week that my kitchen renovation has been complete, and I’ve finally been able to enjoy the fruits — err, cookies — of my labour. This weekend, my Nonna came over to give her Italian seal of approval on my kitchen and my Frigidaire Professional® appliances, and, t

In my top three favourite salads of all-time list is The Cavolo Nero from Gusto 101 in Toronto. It’s unlike any other kale salad in that it’s tender, sweet, salty and creamy. Perfect under a grilled steak or chicken, or heck, even on its own. The restaurant also has a year-round rooftop patio a