Since we made the move from Ontario to BC, getting lost in the great outdoors is a regular and sought out occurrence. You just can’t help the call of the wild—and after exploring a lot of our home by foot and bike (Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton), overlanding was the next best way to get deeper [&hell

The past 365 days of Piper’s life has undoubtedly been her best. Moving here greatly improved our quality of life, but the real winner is everyone’s favourite blue heeler border collie mix pup, Piper who turns five tomorrow. So today to celebrate the last day of 2019, I’ve rounded up 100 of my

If I had to sum up the past year of my life in a word or two, it’d be ‘finding alignment’. And the year before that, it was simply ‘getting to know myself’. Intentional or not, I’ve been shifting in directions more true to me since 2017. This journey started with a solo trip to [&hel

If you told me a year ago that we’d be spending most weekends overlanding and backcountry camping in remote and beautiful areas of BC, I’d have told you, “you’re nuts.”  Then add to that watching The Office in “bed” from our truck tent on our rigged up iPad with a comfy queen mattress situati

When we first arrived at Sir Cedric’s Treehouse, we were greeted by a gaggle of large geese, a handful of horses, and a large flag that read, “WORLD PEACE”, which perfectly set the stage for the interesting and memorable weekend to follow. As we unloaded the truck and paused to stretch our legs, a big [&h

I first fell in love with the west in Jasper, Alberta when I called its Canadian Rockies home for the better part of a year. For a few summers throughout my college years, my sisters and I would fly to Edmonton, take the bus from Edmonton to Jasper, Alberta, and park there working for the […]

Chiang Mai definitely stole a little piece of my heart. I spent February and March of 2017 in Thailand where I travelled solo to experience the country and partake in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. A week before my 6-week course was to begin, I flew into Bangkok to kick-start my journey leisurely with a [&he

I’m baa-aaaack! I’m a few weeks into being home from Thailand and the jet lag (that I was convinced I had skirted, but definitely didn’t) has worn off and I feel like a contributing member of society again. Work is beginning to heat up again and life has been really, really good. A lot ha

I used to believe that being creative meant inventing something from nothing. Coming up with entirely new and unique content. Sitting at a desk, deep in thought, alone with pen and paper. But art is an idea explored. And ideas are informed by our experience You find it in new cities, conversations you have and

I used to wait and want for a lot of things. I longed for adulthood as a kid; was painfully impatient about growing out my bangs; always seeking that next thing, waiting for the chips to fall. I always believed that veering left or right would bring me to a better path, but what a […]