Dress My Domain: Calm, Cool + Collected

As someone who derives inspiration from multiple places, creating personas and pulling together mood boards is one of the best way I know how to make design choices within my own home with confidence, and is also a great way to visualize how to use and what to pair with certain furniture pieces. So I launched a new series on Hello Yellow titled Dress My Domain, a mini-series in which I’ll be exploring different home design personas based on popular trends in fashion, home decor, pop culture and more. This week’s DMD features a calm, cool and collected aesthetic.

Just like your favorite pair of baggy blue jeans and tried and true white tee, these furniture and decor picks are the ultimate crowd-pleasers, pairing blue and white/off-white hues with relaxed fabrics and textures. These picks may not seem to speak to each other when seen separately, but paired with the right tie-in accessories and you’ll discover a style that’s understated and subtle while still packing a punch of style and function, all with comfort top of mind. Enjoy!

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