Fun Behind-The-Scenes From The Set of ‘Save My Reno’ (Airing Tomorrow on HGTV)

Tomorrow it the day! Ahhhhh! PS: How cool are Seb and I with our Flor swatches *insert sarcastic-face emoji here

And wouldn’t you have it, I’m sick as a dog, but that won’t stop be from relishing in the joy of the premier of my new show, Save My Reno, starting tomorrow at 10pm on HGTV.

Get ready for TWO back-to-back episodes chronicling a renovation at Nick and Zina’s, and a kitchen reno at Sarah and Jon’s. Below is a little sneak peek and synopsis of each episode (and some fun behind the scenes photos)

Nick and Zina

“Nick and Zina are a dynamic real estate duo that understands pride of ownership. Their family home is impeccable, except for their master bathroom. The door to this room remains closed and hidden from visitors. It’s very large, very dark, and has some very strange features that leave people scratching their heads. They’ve renovated their whole house, so money is tight.  But quotes they’ve been getting are coming in well above their budget.  They’re at a loss and need help. Sebastian and Sabrina impart their expertise and create break out builds with custom surprises as they save their reno.” – our HGTV page

Sarah and Jon

“Sarah and Jon bought their first home and knew it needed some fixing up, but didn’t realize how much time and money it would take to get it family friendly. Jon took on the basement reno first and quickly realized the kitchen is beyond his skills.  There’s a lot to deal with, including an odd layout, peel and stick flooring and very shallow counters. Jon’s on paternity leave and needs the job done before he returns to work, but quotes are coming in high. With some unique finds and reimagining standard cabinets Sebastian and Sabrina will get it done and save their reno.” – our HGTV page

And let me tell you, each space (and each couple) could not be more different, and they both came out stellar. But you’ll have to tune in tonight for yourself to see 😉

And some cool news, tomorrow (and every coming Thursday after a new episode airs) I’ll be sharing a full complete rundown with more details about the process of working on each project with the homeowners, and some cool insights! Fun fun fun.

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