Apparel + Gear for The Great Outdoors (& Indoors)

Moving out west has changed a lot of things. 

But one of the more tangible areas it’s forced change upon in my life pertains to wardrobe. 

During our drive across Canada, I ordered myself a good coat, and just a few shorts days of coastal mountain living after that, it became obvious how many other outdoor/technical pieces I needed.

Sure, I had enough cute outfits to last months on end—but I mostly had things like blouses, rompers and jeans (suitable for things like being on TV), and nothing appropriate for where my life has taken me: biking in the rain, hiking in the snow, et al.

So with the new years well underway—and the motivation to clean house that that brings—I overhauled my wardrobe.

And today, I thought I’d share my favourite online shop for clothing and gear suited to outdoor activities, travel, lounging and working out, Altitude Sports.

I buy most of my clothing online, but getting in my good books as an online shop is tough: I want it today and if I hate it, I want to be able to return it tomorrow for free at my local Canada Post. Therefore my list of shops I frequent is short and sweet.

But I can confidently say that Altitude has become my favourite (big word, I know. Also, this post is completely unsponsored, just sharing my love)!

A lot of you have already asked where I got my raincoat, my boots, and my luggage from my recent trip to Toronto, and the answer is: from Altitude. Below are things I’ve purchased and love and recommend:

Started in Montreal, Altitude is a proudly Canadian shop that carries Patagonia, The North Face, Löle, Matt & Nat, Levi’s, YETI and Fjällräven, to name a few, and has quick shipping, a wicked selection, great prices, frequent sales and free returns.

I caught feelings after my first order. And after that, I got a lifetime membership which gives you 5-10% off everything for a one-time $25 fee—which ended up being a wash after it applied to my cart at the time.

These are the pieces I’ve either purchased myself already and love, or am eyeing. Happy to answer any questions about products I bought, so join the conversation here!

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