A Thank You Note

Currently: Lying on my basement floor catching my breath after an intense workout.

Also currently: Feeling grateful.

In the hustle and bustle of life, I took pause today (involuntarily in a very unglamorous, sweaty way). And whether it was the endorphins kicking in (likely a factor) or not, I was compelled to write a thank you note—to both everyone and no one in particular.

In this modern age of creative garbeldy-gook (did I make that up or am I right in thinking that’s a saying?) it’s so easy to look ahead at the next thing without acknowledging the hard work you put into what just happened.

We think we’re only as great as our latest work.

And while this tendency may motivate and drive us, it’s also important to pat yourself on the back from time to time for that thing you did yesterday and yesteryear. Because without that under your belt, you would not be where you are today.

Only when you give due credit to where you are now can you make the right moves towards where you should be heading in the future. If you’re always only dwelling in comparison, and wrestling with yourself, you’ll continue running in circles. At a certain point you have to be objective and reflective.

So I just wanted to express my gratitude: to everyone who reads this blog, to everyone who follows me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the works, to everyone who’s supported me, and yes, to even myself, which is very weird to say but totally necessary.

If you can do one thing today, take a mo’ and thank yourself for working hard and being nice. It may be a given (hopefully) but that doesn’t mean it should go unnoticed or uncelebrated. That’s all for now.

x, S

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  • Yes, love this! I’ve been thinking the same thing recently, as soon as I finish one big project (even one that I’m really proud of or was particularly difficult or rewarding), I immediately rush into the next without taking a moment to appreciate and celebrate what I just accomplished. Definitely encouraged to start embracing more “thank you” moments to myself from now on 🙂

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