A Blank Canvas, a Blinking Cursor

Well, I’m back! After a quick change of clothes (notice anything new around here?), I’m happy to report that all of my websites are in working order, and exactly how I want them.

My sites are huge for me—they’re my means of advertising my creative work, my shop, and my words, right here on my blog. Outside of teaching yoga (the perfect counter pose for me), I work online and on a screen. I still freehand draw / write in a notebook to get down initial ideas and thoughts, but more often than not, my face is screen-ward bound, if you will, between the hours of 7am to 4pm. 

I’ve become so aware of it that I’ve even taken a few steps so it doesn’t affect my sleep or health… Things like enabling True Tone / Night Mode on my iPhone, downloading Iris, wearing my glasses often, replacing / limiting other artificial light, moving my screen farther away from me (Mike made me and I hated it at first haha), and getting outside often, especially when it’s sunny.

But I digress…

Point being, writing and sharing my newsletter, blogging, and advertising my creative services and online shop all rely on the big beautiful internet, and on personal domains. Which got me thinking a bit about the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives using social platforms to host / find their work.

Being a solo artist or freelancer or blogger for a living is a lot of work, and my best advice would be this: seriously consider carving out a slice of something you can call your own, be it a site, an app, a newsletter, or a product. It’s really the only way to maintain and grow your work long term. You don’t own anything you put on social media, and you have no control over how or when or where it’s shown. If Instagram was no longer, does your audience know where or how to find you? Where is your revenue source if social is gone? If you’ve stumbled into this great world of creating your own job or being your own boss and working solely online, it’s time to get a domain to call your own—literally! Buy a domain and host your content there, build an email list, sell products, and yes, continue grammin’ to amplify it all. (For those curious, I use GoDaddy for all of my web and domain and hosting needs. I joke that I have a standing weekly phone call with them, but it’s kind of not a joke at all. They’ve helped me with my online whoopsies for years and I’d recommend them.)

Anyways, I digress. Again. My website / blog / online shop is my means of making a living outside of teaching / speaking. And as such, I invest a lot of thought, money, energy and time into maintaining and designing my sites. But it’s so much more than a business for me: having a place to call my own where I can play, create, experiment and share has been so wonderful for me. This blog has helped me hone my voice, and the process of running my online businesses has been a practice in refinement and an education in entrepreneurship.

So today I’d like to offer the World Wide Web a big, heartfelt thank you…

While you go about your Thursday, take a moment to think about what you make, where it currently lives, and what you could do with it if you had control over exactly how and when it’s presented. Destroy your illusions around social media. Intentionally assess what you want to say and produce and give yourself the domain to do it, literally! Noodle on that brand you want to create. That funny video you shared on IG stories that dies after a day? Host or embed it somewhere you have control. Link internally. Create a community for yourself. It has never been easier to make a site or start a blog. And hey, I get it, there’s nothing more intimidating than a blank canvas, a blinking cursor, or a red recording light, but giving yourself a space to even try is a truly worthwhile experience, whether you share the results or not. 

And if you need things like a logo, a website, a blog or an entire brand package wrapped with a bow, call me! Reach out via email to hello@sabrinasmelko.com and we’ll get chatting. I take on a limited number of clients so I can work directly with them, one on one. I don’t outsource any of my work and offer a consulting-style approach to design. For more, you can read my about page here and join the conversation here:

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