This month I am chock full of inspiration! It’s been a really fulfilling few weeks of work, both on our home and on various design projects (I just wrapped up a Branding Package for Kristen Sanger), and there’s been a nice rhythm to the past month. We’ve enjoyed some lake days and sunburns, an

How your body looks has nothing to do with what it can do. And what you can do when you stop caring is going to make you love yourself so much. I used to care a lot about my image. I often stopped myself from doing things until I felt ready. But the thing is, feeling […]

August 2020’s playlist is on one after discovering a slew of new artists I’m obsessed with: Tash Sultana, CJ Run, George Alice and Aquilo, I see you! This month’s mix has new tracks from George Alice & Nasaya, Blu & Exile, Nick Mulvey, Billy Lemos & Monsune, Alextbh, Spillage Villa

Summer’s arrival was tardy here in British Columbia, but it did finally show up by August. Though night’s among the pines are cooler, daytime highs are in the 30s, and we are thriving! With access to two lakes within a block of home, we feel very very lucky and have been enjoying frequent swims and