Equal parts cozy and industrial—that’s hard to pull off. But somehow this rehabilitated loft that used to be an old garage does a beautiful job of employing an industrial style while still maintaining a homey, inviting and intimate feel thanks to the careful attention given to lighting (creating a

I’ve spent most of my waking hours parked on this little yellow couch — or the dining table just behind it — recently. I’ve been on a tiny break from filming, and plugging away at myriad tasks, so rather than share all the things, here’s how I’ve  sum up the last few weeks:

For a while, I lived as if fueled by the saying “move fast and break things.” I was young(er), eager, and willing to work hard. I was trying and testing and trying again. I opened every door even mildly offered to me. And I’m so glad I did. But now that some chips have fallen […]