2017 Home Design Trends + Ideas

Dark, moody, textural, layered, eclectic, escapist, natural, and re-purposed.

These are just a few of the words used to describe the predictions for 2017’s style trends. Oodles of sites have already made predictions for the home design trends that will be hot in 2017, and today I’m weighing in on them and offering ideas for how to use them in your own space. Enjoy!

Dark, moody, and muddied colours

2017 Home Design Trends + Ideas

Benjamin Moore just released their 2017 coloring of the year, and as I anticipated, it’s dark! Same story with Pantone. Where all-white interiors ruled 2016, 2017 is going deeper, darker, and more colourful, and I’m pleased as punch about it!

Fool-proof tips for going dark: If you’re afraid of dark paint, all I have to say is don’t be! It’s just paint after all– and if you really hate it, it’s a small expense to change. Do choose hues from the bottom of the paint chip or swatch — and if you’re lost on which colour to choose, a fool-proof tip is to pick something super muddy and dusty rather than strongly pigmented and saturated — the last thing you want is to have your home look like a primary school. I find the colours resting in the middle seem dark to the eye, but once they’re on a wall, they often look brighter and more saturated. If you’re still hesitant about committing to dark paint, try it out in a room that’s smaller and/or gets seen less — like a bathroom or bedroom.

And when it comes to furniture, try going with a deep green, navy, or plum rather than picking white or light grey. And if you’re still a commitment-phobe, test-run your dark side with a bold side chair, art and accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and textiles.

Maximal mix and matching

Image Above: A colourful Oakland family home.

I haven’t seen a ton of predictions for this trend, but heck, I’m calling it! Rather than sticking to one style, theme, or motif, I’m predicting 2017 will celebrate and encourage homes with a mis-matched, eclectic look that bridges multiple styles in one space.

Fool-proof tip: Don’t buy sets and do throw away your pre-conceived plans and colour motifs. Try sourcing and shopping for your home goods in more than one store (and in more than one type of store). Buy some pieces from a high-end shop, and gather others from a thrift or antique store. It’ll better your chances of creating spaces that will look more like a collection of styles — which, in my opinion, looks more mature and sophisticated. And equally as important: keep an open mind!

Escapism + Nooks and Crannies

Image above: "A Designer’s Brooklyn Brownstone

In general, travel and exploration are hot potatoes, and I see that directly relating to your homestead. Let our desire to escape rule all the nooks and crannies in your home! I predict homes new and old will be tweaked and retrofitted to include little cozy huddled away spots for reading, napping, and catching a break.

Get the look: Take advantage of every square inch! This trend may sound like all fun, but it’s also super-functional and makes use of every space in your home. Have a closet that’s empty? A nook under your stairs that’ just storing boxes? Consider creating a cozy seating area by DIY-ing a built-in bench with layers and layers of cushy pillows.

Big Art + Statement Murals

2017 Home Design Trends + Ideas

While I think gallery walls will always be around in some form, I predict less mix-and-matched art collages on white walls, and more massive art pieces that own a entire wall — even in the form of statement wallpaper murals like those from Anewal (which is worth a SERIOUS browse).

Funny enough, I noticed this trend used in last week’s episode of Love It Or List It (see below). The master bedroom was outfitted in a dreamy blue mural wallpaper which acted as a faux headboard.

2017 Home Design Trends + Ideas

Shop big art: [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2080512″]

Re-Purposed Pieces

2017 Home Design Trends + Ideas

Making things for your home by hand is always in-style, but in particular, I’m seeing more and more re-purposing of existing pieces rather than building things completely from scratch. It adds character, history, and charm to any space.

Get the look: Research your area for local actions, flea markets, antique stores and salvage shops and pay them a visit! And don’t think you have to completely transform the pieces you find. Don’t underestimate the power of subtlety. Respect the piece, don’t fuss with it too much, and let it shine. Case in point: The gorgeous sliding barn door made from a salvaged entry door as seen in Fixer Upper (above), or these old windows which were placed behind a bed acting as a headboard (below).

2017 Home Design Trends + Ideas

Want some more up-cycled transformative ideas? Try stitching together vintage rugs and installing them as a stair runner, turn old wood wheels, decanters, or globes into light fixtures, affix an oriental patterned rug to an old ottoman, turn ladders into clothing racks! Need more inspiration? Here’s a whole Pinterest board of ideas.

Mixed Metals

2017 Home Design Trends + Ideas

I love trends like these that break convention and say, “why not!” No longer will your faucet, cabinet hardware, sink and lighting have to match. Go for a porcelain white sink, a brushed nickel faucet, and bronze hardware — or any combination you love. Matchy-matchy is over and done, my friends!

What do you forsee being hot in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

Image credits: 1. Milk Magazine — Image by Graham Atkins Hughes 2. A colourful Oakland family home 3. A Designer’s Brooklyn Brownstone 4. Print by Ubabub Sundae. Home tour here 5. Love It Or List It 6. Fixer Upper 7. Photo by Kara Roselund 8. The home of Wit and Delight

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